What’s the most common thing you see on the internet besides the BJP-AAP-Congress crap? Is it about how Virat Kohli is better than M.S Dhoni? Who am I kidding! It’s the never ending romance on every social networking sites be it Facebook or Twitter.

At first I thought, it was just me, maybe I am the only guy who sees stuff like that. I needed to get rid of it. To make sure if I am only one with romantic friends, I contacted my other friends and what happened next will not shock you. It’s very common. Everyone I know knows a couple who expresses their love on Facebook, fight on Facebook and every detail they could on Facebook. But why is that? Is this the latest trend to express your love?

This intrigued me to look up the definition of love only to find out it has been twisted and turned by various Bollywood/Hollywood movies. I still managed to grab a few points which quintessentially make up the definition of love. To sum it up, Love is an affectionate feeling that develops between two individuals. There could be many reasons to why it happens including habit, sexual desire or need. But funnily enough, neither of these definitions used the need to woo a third person or a stranger. Why do they do it then? Why do they feel the need to tell everyone about their superficial love?

I will tell you why!

Love as we know today is only based on the grounds of having a boyfriend/girlfriend. To term it correctly, let’s not call it love, let’s call that “lust”. I don’t stand against lust because it also is an important recipe of love, but it doesn’t constitute love in all proportions. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend makes you cool and there comes the need to tell everyone about it too. You have worked so hard to get one, now everyone should know about it too and hence comes the theory of sharing everything you do on Facebook.

But this is not it. Having a bf/gf definitely makes you cool but not cooler than your friend who have had three failed relationships. He is so awesome right! Now he is your role model. You need to follow his path and work for that. You can then  have the option of boasting about it. And yet again, you need to post it everywhere on the Internet for others to know.

So, the sole purpose of love today has succumbed to making people aware about the fact that you can have a love partner too. As many might confuse it to be the same thing as love, it definitely is not about love. It’s just about competition, it’s just about challenge and it’s just about lust.

You feel good about love, everyone does that too. Love is that feeling that can make you look at the toughest of things with amazing bravery. But no one talks about love now. It’s all about the relationship and it’s all about sex. Why do we have so many breakups now? Why does a guy get bored of a girl after sex? It starts with excessive stalking, trying hard to do anything for your crush, getting into a relationship and ends up with a breakup. This definitely doesn’t sound like love to me.

This definitely isn’t the case with everyone but it is the sad truth pertaining in majority of society. We are not interested in love, we are just interested in its name, We are just interested in a relationship. What situation do you think are you in?

Are you in love or you in a relationship?

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