In India, where the average height of girls is not that much, being a tall girl isn’t that easy. You are always asked the same questions again and again! And who can forget about the troubles of pairing up with a boy!

1. What’s your height?

I should probably put a sticker on my forehead!

2. Do you play basketball?

You are short. Do you play miniature golf?

3. Stand in front to protect me from the sun!

Just because I am tall, do I look like an umbrella?


4. Having a crush shorter than you is the worst!

Why aren’t there any cute tall guys?

5. And you can never ever wear heels!

Why is the world so rude?

6. Trying to sit in a bus without getting our legs screwed up never happens!

Is the average height seriously so less?

7. How about getting your head cut off in all the pictures?

Or trying to bend so hard just to get your face!

8. Low ceilings hurt! Literally!

Every fucking time.

9. You are automatically thought of as being more than your age!

Don’t be surprised if we lie about it!


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