The fourth season of Sherlock looks promising with the release of the pilot episode. The Abominable Bride, quite chauvinistically named, is based on the premise of women empowerment. This makes me think why the Congress has nothing to do with it. All our Pappu speaks about is women empowerment, anyway.

The one-and-a-half-hour episode looked somewhat long to my untrained eye and mind (Sherlock, eh!). I can’t comment on the exact time setting of the episode because it travels back and forth in time. There is no way how continuity in this story from where the season three ended could have been maintained but the makers, as is well evident, are very efficient and they somehow managed to pull in a line of continuation.

Basically, the episode deals with the voting rights of women in England. The story, set in the nineteenth century (well, the most part of it), is a crime thriller, duh, about a group of women who fight for their social rights. The revelation scene is beautifully crafted with all the right ingredients, added with love (because all things great are made with love). However, what doesn’t look right is the logic. I mean… well, you’d know once you watch the episode yourself; I don’t want to spoil your fun with spoilers.

The lack of logic, however, brings me back to our dear RaGa. I shouldn’t explain because I fear for my life and I am non-vegetarian (you know what I mean) too. On the bright side of things, I don’t have a SahityaAkademy to my name, so people should care if something were to happen to me. But anyway, I love Rahul Gandhi; no one should say a darn thing about him!

But this is where I get serious. The issue of Women’s Empowerment is as important as anything else in this country or anywhere in the world for that matter. What is amusing is that this idea is given some space in 2016 (yup, the world has changed dates). Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, however, took the pain of writing it down back in the nineteenth century; he had the vision and felt the need for the world to accept this reality. And you wonder why India is still struck in the past. Our leaders had started to believe that Sati wasn’t a purposeful concept in the beginning of the twentieth century and Rahul thinks that the government should do something to empower the women now.

Whether our leaders accept it or not, women constitute a large percentage of our population and we can’t live in a Man’s World anymore. Feminism shouldn’t be looked at as a battle. Even if it is, quoting from the Abominable Bride, “it’s a battle that we must lose.”


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