Feminism has been here for quite much time now and it primarily involves telling everyone how the genders are equal and each of them deserves equal opportunity. I would gladly accept the latter part but the genders being equal is something I can’t digest. It fails to connect with reality and only gives us a ray of wrong hope eventually fetching us misery and discontentment.

Here is the thing. Men and Women are different. They are part of the same species but are different. And by different, I don’t mean any of them is superior to others. With the start of feminism movement, we saw a lot of amazing changes with women finally getting the liberty to step out of their houses and contributing even more to the society. In the current situation, it’s not only about women getting equal opportunities as men, it’s about women being equal to men.

Telling your daughters to become like a son doesn’t make much sense in this context. I totally agree with this sentiment because, in most parts of society, people prefer sons over daughters and for the same reason, girls end up being oppressed. This is the problem we need to address and by telling women to be equal to men, We would only creating new problems instead of solving the existing ones. But if you insist, Let’s just think it happens.

Let’s just assume we do that too! Let’s teach our daughters to grow like our sons!

We will put them in the best schools and colleges we can afford. We will give them the highest possible form of freedom and restrictions would be a complete NO-NO. We will also give them the liberty to choose a guy of their own and get married. Now, this is the point where the entire plot starts to break down. She gets pregnant.

No matter what we say, giving birth to a child would always be a female-centric thing. In fact, it starts even before the birth. It’s the mother who has to take care of the swirling hormones and most importantly the growing child in her womb. Once the child is born, the needs and dependency of the child towards their mother increase multiple folds. No matter what you say, mother’s biological impulses towards their child would be as strong as nature wanted it to be.

And when it comes to the child, it doesn’t know that it is being born in the 21st century and has to behave differently towards the mother. What shall we do now? We expect women to act like men. This is the point where all the gender equality reasoning takes a deep fall. You can’t fight against nature and you can’t fight against biology. Nature demands separate roles for both men and women and this is how we have evolved.

Nature has intended women to be in close proximity to their children and this is how it goes. No matter how hard you try, it would come naturally to you.

We can fight all we want but we are not winning an argument against biology. Nature has intented men and women to do seperate tasks and there is nothing wrong about it.

Consider, for example, the recent trend where men are bashed for not having as many feelings as women do and women being bashed for their mood swings. And like of most of the things, this doesn’t make any sense. Men and women react differently to a similar situation and that is quite acceptable. They are not the same. How can they have a similar kind of thinking? Evolution is the assailant here. This is the only reason why men and women took separate roles and that came primarily because of physical and mental needs.

Forget equality, Let’s teach our kids reality!

The time has come to teach our kids more about reality than preaching equality on each scale. This can only be done by pointing out the differences and facing the reality. They need to be taught the differences between men and women and how to deal with it. And this, in fact, comes as the biggest hurdle. The biggest conflict between a man and woman occurs when they don’t know what to expect from the other gender. Both men and women tend to expect a similar kind of reaction on a specific problem and it’s pretty hard to negotiate with this mentality. We should teach our daughters the truth of what means to be a woman and how to be proud of it. The same thing goes for men too.

You can never have equality between two things that are not equal by definiton. And so, you can have equality among people but not between men and women                                                                                                                                           -Anthony Browne

First wave feminism has done humankind much good by providing women with equal opportunities to men and this is what our main focus should lie on. There are still many suppressed women in various corners of the world specifically third world countries. Our main aim should be to find out a way to clear this handle and give women equal opportunities and job choices as men do. Movements like “Free the nipple movement” are doing us no favor and only trying to fight against nature which has its own consequences. Let’s not try to bring women equal to men. Let’s just try to stop any injustice being done to any of the genders`.



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