What happens you are in love? You don’t care about others and all you want is to spend your whole life with your significant other. You make thousands of those promises to keep your partner happy and plan to walk along every path with that person. When you are in love, the lifespan seems to be pretty small for it and even thinking about losing your partner kills you inside. You pledge to live together and even die together.

But how often have you come across this kind of relationship? These kind of love story are pretty rare to hear or even witness. But we all know that one couple who made it through this. We all know John and Alicia Nash. Be it “A Beautiful Mind” or your personal interest in Mathematics and Economics, we all know about this beautiful couple. Despite all the odds and so many troubles, they managed to hold their hands at every moment of the life. It’s really painful to hear about their death in a taxi crash yesterday. They both were genius and imparted too much knowledge to the World and Society. But What they thought was even better-the true meaning of love. We mourn the loss of John and Alicia Nash for they will be missed forever.

John Nash was 86 and Alicia Nash was 82 and they were on their way to home in Princeton after being in Norway to receive the Abel Prize for Mathematics from King Harald V for his work, along with long time colleague Louis Nirenberg, for their work on non linear partial differential equations.


John Nash and Alicia Nash were married in March 1957 and what followed afterwards is not unknown to anyone. Despite showing signs of mental illness at any early age, she always stood with him at all times which made this couple even more remarkable. John Nash won the Noble Prize in Economics in 1994 and that amazing speech receiving that award surely showed us how remarkable that couple was.

Skit Hub pays tribute to the most genius and beautiful couple. We thank you for your significant contribution in the field of Mathematics and Economics and most importantly your significant attempt in teaching us love.



Rest in Peace John and Alicia Nash.

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