Newspapers have been part of our morning regimes since time immemorial. Actually, not that long, Only for about 230 odd years in India. In that period, we have seen this printed chronicle of the world transcend from a medium to of revolution to ad mongering page three tabloid nonsense. Nonetheless, we have always been the undisputed kings of the kingdom of jugaad and the newspaper hasn’t been spared from that fate. Here are the numerous ways we use newspapers in our everyday lives, for reasons more suited to the content currently in them.

  1. Snack Holders: From bhelpuri to mirchi bhajji, vadapaw to egg roll, fruit slices to corn cobs, nowhere else has the newspaper been used in a more versatile way than in its purpose to hold food. Some would say, Hot news was always destined for this!
  2. Covering books and notebooks: From 90’s kids to Post-grad scholars, every single one of us has used a newspaper to cover their literature from the outside world of sudden showers and scrutinizing teachers. So much so, that nowadays notebooks and diaries are sold with newspaper covers built right in! 😛
  3. Table and Shelf covers: Ever found yourself sitting down at your study table to study, and reading the newspaper covering it instead? I know I have.  Want to blanket the precious shelves of your showcase from the persistent scratches of the showpieces on them? Here, take the page 3 for added glamour
  4. Ironing clothes: Anyone who uses the services of the local ironing services knows that newspapers kept within the ironed clothes keep creases from appearing.
    Newspapers 1 Textile Engineering 0
  5. Cloaking idols: In a country where Idol worship is prevalent like it is in ours, anything related to idols directly is bound to be massively in demand. While they are made, and before they are unveiled, even our gods get to read, and reread, our daily tabloids until the news literally sinks skin deep.
  6. Fashion shows at engineering colleges: Newspaper clothing. Admit it, you have seen at least one fashion show with this. Perhaps even been part of one. I can assure you, Joseph Pulitzer turns in his grave every time someone drapes their “stuff” in journalism. Ughhh!
  7. Stuffing: Across stores in the country , the relationships between stuffing and crumpled newspapers cannot be ignored. Wherever the store mannequins’  ‘assets’ and basic body parts are lacking, newspapers have been a faithful companion. Not to forget those in new shoes and ‘stuffed’ toys!

As you can see, we have taken journalism to new heights. And with the advent of online media and news houses, the heights to be scaled are increasing everyday! So, what are some interesting uses you have put newspapers to?

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