If movies weren’t a Powerful media tool, it wouldn’t have been surviving so long and would have become extinct like its ancestors.

Movies are not just made for one’s entertainment but also have given a mirror insight to our lives experiences. But, movies didn’t just stop their it just took over our entire lives so took become a trend maker.

I will not drag around. But, lead to the point STAR WARS – 7’s release has just turned tables over another business networks let alone the team handling the promotion of the movie. From coffees shops to the buildings of a house.


The theme of Star Wars has just soaked everything on its path. Well, just about everything including PORN…yes, that’s right Porn. Well, don’t get stuck to doing secret searches now and get to the more invisible and not hiding factors.

Star Wars franchise that has moved from a single movie spot show to an entire billion-dollar industry is not doing things for the heck of it. They have a market that wants each and everything they touch to go to the sci-fi world of Star Wars.

The trend is so much that even small business outfits are forced to make Star Wars fit into the realm of works just so the customers don’t get upset or move away to the competitors. And this is sole because every age group knows and enjoys Star Wars.

Let’s, not even give into the topic of ‘Star Wars Fans’. I might need to publish a thesis on it rather than word 400-600 words.

Star Wars is got so big over the years that I had to mention a few things it is gotten into over the years.

Panties, condoms, exotic resorts, houses, cars, desks and even animals dressed or given haircuts like the characters from the film. If you are wondering if I mentioned some adult stuff in the first it is because that is how much it has influenced.

But, if you looked into Star Wars closely and read in between the lines the entire movie is not so unrelated to us humans and earth and is not something happening light years away. For Ex: the politics involved in the entire series is something we all can relate to easily.

Yet, we leave all those behind to get to the bit of changing our profile pictures with Light Saber DP’s or having to Photoshop to make it look like we were one of them. And this is not even in reference to Cosplay.

Oh, and you don’t really need a Cosplay event or Comic Con because most are actually buying these outfits and turning up to a coffee shop, theater or even sending everyday mails that load and work with animation from the movie.

Yet, there are those who don’t follow this popular culture and have no clue what Star Wars is all about. And even they are stuck and made to go figure out what the entire Buzz is about thanks to everything around them turning into a Star Wars attraction.

Star Wars fan

And if you thought I worded about simple changes. Nope, I left the best out…Political meetings with people dressed have Star Wars characters to hospital themed to look like the hangers. Nothing, I mean just about nothing is left in sight to not hold this popular movie from being off the greatest influences to be made on mankind.

I just hope the movie will reface the same amount of heart beating moments that will leave another generation of the audience to dream about the galaxies and pass this momentum to the next.  

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