Its Ho Ho Season!!  It stands for Christmas Twards 😛

Since Christmas is approaching within days we are all in a joy-est spirit be it any caste or religion. The essence off a new life fills us all.

But, what really is Christmas? That is the real question.

Christmas is about Santa, Reindeer, Chocolates, Clothes. Fancy Techs, Shopping and more Shopping.
If that is what you have been doing and thinking Christmas stands for. You have done a fine job of following a crowd that has no ‘Meaning’ in life.

Unfortunately, that’s what we would refer to has ‘HALLMARK’ Christmas. It has no CHRIST in it but has all the unnecessary things that part no meaning to this auspicious time off the year.

This is the sad Truth, we all get the best of clothes, gifts and food. But, the birth of Christ signifies a new hope and light to many people who don’t even have a meal a day.

Just walk around the streets in Bangalore and even amongst this rich city life you will see a sad plight off old people begging with no proper clothes and it is not a joke to stand out every time especially with the weather dipping every second.

We are to help them find shelters and see they get fed daily but no one hardly bats an eyes has most Christians are busy suits worth 15,000 and more and women buying dress worth the same.

meaning of christmas

Yes, you are rich and can afford this standard but do think about donating some money at-least for food for a week or some medicines. That will add the most colourful lights to your heart.

But no we all teach our kids about Santa and the gifts he carries. What I don’t get is Who the Hell is Santa?? And where in the many books of the bible is he even mentioned. Some myth created holds a lot more meaning and is sold out has Christmas.

This is very sad because it is not providing the truth to many people who don’t know about Christ and Christianity. If only these myths were removed from the society the entire meaning off a so called ‘Festival’ will change and we will have all humanity celebrate Peace and Joy.

I hope after reading this small piece many who thought that Santa Claus has a lot to do with Christmas will debug this and remove him and give more importance to Christ and the birth. The trouble his parents faced and the place he was born.

Do look into these again and I’m sure you will see Christmas in a whole new way.

I also take this time to wish you all a Blessed time of the year and that a new hope will reign over you. Have a good one.

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