R.L Stine who authored the various ‘Goosebumps’ series did say that he wrote the books because off his lack of friends and socials. Well, he might have actually captured today’s society quite too early.

Today’s society is just about this. It’s stuck to mere apps caving us to give more importance off how we present ourselves there rather than the outside world.

I bet we should all resort to having stories written and create evil monsters with special ‘Type Writers’ oh I mean ‘Laptops’ to give company.

But, it is that scary and it is true. We are all not even socializing like before and even if we are it’s to show to the ‘Social Media World’ and not really to get to know each other and to form bonds.

If you ask me I don’t really know who ‘Friends’ are let alone the concept off ‘Best Friends’. And I find the Instagram hashtag #bff very funny because I know that post or photo will not be out there for long.

And thanks to technology this is even more set us back because now we can just ‘FAKE’ just about everything and be what you want. I have seen and noticed relationships or friendships start and break ‘ONLINE’ and that is the set trend.

If this breaks even, we are already in a ‘Virtual’ world.

Now, can we fix this mess we made up?

I guess not.

Frankly, looking at it we have a million apps and even in those apps we have options to create groups and in those we can decide and split and this is what ‘Technology’ is made into our lives.

And we are proud of this and don’t worry about the impact it has on all our lives.

I would really wish to go out and spend time met new people and then make more friends has that is part of me and my attitude but I hardly find that has a trend.

Oh the only place I can go do that would be a Bar or a Disco none of which I would prefer to go.

The traditional set of finding friends, getting to know and take that into years together simply seems like the last torn page. Something you have read but don’t remember the exact words.

Well, will be we a stage of more and more lonely and depressed people.

Yes, for sure and this technology is isolating people in the name of communication rather than helping.

And I would just try to attempt my faith like R.L Stine to help me keep company and maybe let some Ghouls chase those evil people I know.

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