I have always been like a third wheel to an autorickshaw. Even though it might be hard to believe but I have always been That One Single Friend in my friend circle. I wouldn’t get into the reasons why did that happen, but I do know the horrors of having friends around who are dating. Not because they were dating, but because I wasn’t.

One has to admit, a major chunk of Quarter Life Crisis is because of this! Here are some things that happen to all of us third wheels.

1. They Try To Hook You Up!
With almost any person you like! A colleague, a classmate or worse, even a junior! It is like they cannot see you single and do not consider the fact that you might be happy single.

2. Say Good Bye to Alone Time!

You know that moment when you miss your friend a lot and just want to spend time with them? Me neither. Because that friend always comes with a Plus One. It is pretty obvious that their other half would accompany too.


3. You Can Check Hot Stuff With No Guilt!
You are still in the game! You can talk to and hit on whoever the freak you want! While your friends have to let go of opportunities to do so.

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4. You Don’t Want To Hang Out With Them!
Because all you see are couples. And a few drinks in, they start coochi-cooing while you squirm uncomfortably in your seat cursing yourself for not having a partner.

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5. Parents Stop Dropping Hints As Well!
Et Tu, Brute? Never tell your parents that everyone in your circle is either dating or engaged. They will get alarmed and drop hints every now and then for you to get married. Sometimes, they even ask your friends to convince you!

Source: Buzzfeed

6. Even You Get Convinced You Need Someone!

Yes, at times even you fall under their influence and think that maybe you need to date too! It is only after a few failed attempts you realise why you were single in the first place!

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7. You Patch Them Back Up!
The irony is that you play cupid even though you’re the single one! Since both your friend and their lover are close to you, you’re the bridge between them when they have fights.


8. But Then, You Have more Savings Than Them!
Yes! Unless of course, you are a spend thrift and spend it all up in a week of Pay Day, you will be left with more dough at the end of the month than your committed peers.

Being single is a Choice. Not always yours, though. But it is OKAY to be single and you simply don’t need to feel pressured to date just because all your friends seem to live their Happily Ever Afters. Just wait for some time. I’m sure the Mr./Miss Right (or Mr./Miss Right NOW) would come along and put away your single blues aside.
Keeping fingers crossed, I hope all you single people (including me) could battle that third wheel feeling and Just Chill no matter What!

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