Narendra Modi completes one year as the Prime Minister of India today and this thing ruled the Twitter all day long. And as expected, Twitter split in two parts, one part was ruled by Modi fans and another by Modi haters. This went on to create two major trends. One was #saalekshuruaatanek and another was #gappu365. No prize for guessing which party started which trend.

We have collected the most remarkable tweets which ruled the day on Twitter.

TREND- #gappu365

1. He could also be the reason why Britishers left India

2. This goes right with his image. Doesn’t it?

3. Well, This was kind of an insult.

4. Modi on Flight Mode..

TREND- #saalekshuruaatanek

1. Modi’s Twitter Account was pretty active today and this was his way of saying Thank You!

2. He also sent private DM to ones who followed the trend. He knows how to win hearts. Doesn’t he?

3. This goes to all the Modi Haters. “Haters gonna hate and I am gonna Shake” 

4. This was published in a Kannada Newspaper. That’s their way of celebrating his one year at Office.

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