There is competition in every sphere of life. Professionally, every career option is claiming itself to be the best! Trying to lure away and steal the show. But there’s one hell of a realm where the differences have grown, got older and evolved with time. Yes, I’m talking about the tiff between Medicine and Dentistry!
Historically, Dentistry was never a specialised branch. Only Chinese were reported of using “silver pastes” and barbers were the actual ones who carried out some dental procedures. It was not until 18th century that Dentistry came into being as a full-fledged profession.


But with its advent, we have carved out some rivals and competitors for us. The age old medical practitioners, who ruled the world have to share it with “us” now.

The case for Dentistry!
I was recently a student, dental student precisely and I shared the campus with the medicine guys. Hell used to break loose every now and then over “who reigns supreme”. Every now and then head on collision occurred in the hallway, around college canteen and even in academic areas.

But the question remains same, who is the Master?

I wouldn’t directly answer the question and give rise to world war 3 but yeah we work hard too!

  • You guys may claim of studying your asses off cramming stuff like robots, but we have to do it along with the clinical quota. We have a certain amount of clinical “actual” work done on patients done apart from the cramming and jamming our minds.
  • You guys may have to slog long night shifts but trust me our day shifts are no less than a living nightmare! We dare to enter the oral cavity of most unhygienic patients loaded with stuff you can’t imagine of seeing without puking. Not to forget the saliva which often causes interruption and leads to removal of gloves. I agree you hail from a tough field but handling halitosis/bad odor and working with it is no child’s play! The fun is added when we perform a so-called ”simple” extraction but end up with a syncopated (fainted) patient.
  • How many of you have actually performed treatment procedures on actual patients? I don’t wish to raise controversy but extraction, aesthetics,minor surgical stuff, dentures, ultrasonic scaling, root canal: you name it and we have done it!
    Since I’m a dentist I may have been a bit biased but I never wish to disrespect our MBBS counterparts. I believe in mutual understanding and co-existence. Because if we work together harmoniously we can not on win accolades but also aim to achieve our righteous goal- serve humanity!

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