Hey you,

Can you hear me? Considering the sound of your extremely loud motorcycle, I highly doubt so. But I shall go on with my ranting business because that’s what I do.

Allow me to introduce myself as a humble person crossing the streets who happened to be startled by this ear-splitting “noise”. Yes, It’s a noise. Just to be sure, I also confirmed it with a beautiful girl walking next to me. “It’s definitely an irritating noise”, She said. Anyway, I shall save this rant for some other time.

Coming back to the original point, this is not even my first time. Once I was trying to sleep in my apartment and only to be stirred awake by this ugly noise. At other times, I can remember trying to conversate with my friend, which was of course interrupted by that unholy roar of your motorcycle. Unholy because it sounds like Satan himself came down on Earth asking us to cover our ears.

What is wrong with you?

So let me think about it. You feel an high uproar of the engine is related to masculinity? You might all also feel that this might attract all the girls and they would be willing to tear your clothes after listening to your bike?

You are so damn wrong dude. Yes, they would be more than willing to tear everything off, but that would be the parts of your motorbike and not your clothes. And seriously, I am not even kidding about it. UNESCO just declared that the high rumbling sound of a motorbike engine as the most irritating noise of all times. Until last year, it was the sound of the lawn mower on a Sunday morning. Thanks to your constant efforts, you have won this esteemed title.

And where were we on the masculinity episode?

You think the noise makes you more manly and masculine? Just explain to me how does that work. Yes, women are primarily attracted to men with primitive manly features but let me get that clear, the sound of your bike is not your feature. And if we are actually talking about stupid comparisons, yes, she should be attracted to heavy body and rumbling voice but sadly that’s the motorcycle we are talking about. You can get her to ride the motorbike with you but you do not get to enjoy the bumps on the road.

In short, she gets to ride the bike and you don’t.

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