A few days ago, people from the Jat community started a rage to demand their right to the reservation. They chose Rohtak as their epicentre, the most developed city in Haryana. What started as a rebel against the right of reservation turned into an ugly riot of communities. The cities were set on fire. Trade, industry and transport were halted, bringing the whole state of Haryana to a standstill. Jat agitation brought a massive blow of Rs 34,000 crores including the loss of public and private property.

Here is the unpleasing reflection of Jat agitation that it cast on our society and country as the whole.

Unemployed Youth

The youth of the country is unemployed and frustrated. Hence, the outburst. Reservation prevails in our system from the time of independence. But it still hasn’t been able to solve the issue of unemployment. Why? Because granting quotas does not produce employment opportunities. What government should have actually focused on is producing jobs and the outburst could have been avoided. America does not have a reservation system and look where it is.

The youth of the country is gullible and undiscerning. That is why political parties and terrorist groups find it easier to entice youth. Jat agitation and JNU crisis are both result of misguided youth. Any revolution is an outcome of the instigation of uninformed people. People need to make an informed decision before turning volatile. Anger is healthy if only used for the right motives.

Businessman sitting on a bench at bus stop with his head in hands

Ineffective Reservation System

The only thing reservation is doing for the country is stratifying the society in the name of religion and caste. The concept of reservation has been misused in our country. Instead of pushing the country forward in the aspect of development, it has pulled it backwards. I quote the famous Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, who hails from the once developed city Rohtak, “Reservations should be based on what your situation is and not what you are born into.” And, I second him. Reservation should be provided on the basis of economic status and not any caste or religion. In fact, reservation should only prevail in the system to facilitate education. Because education is one’s birthright, but getting a job is own responsibility. Not everything will be served to us.


Lousy Government

The sad incident has proved how laid back and negligent our government is. The cities kept burning in flames, but the government paid no heed. It was only after the agitation spread its roots to Delhi, the government responded. Well, it was more of a yielding than response. The government only listens to the mob, it’s proven. The chief minister and his government could have taken mandatory actions in time but it did not. The army was called but its hands were tied, the curfew was put but all in name and not in spirit. The fire could have been doused before it became a conflagration.


Dirty Politics

Fire does not burn itself. There is a possibility this whole imbroglio could have been staged. There were some anti-social elements, backed by dirty politicians, who perpetrated the massive turbulence in the state.


The Angry Mob

Violence is no means to get your demands sanctioned. There are many other ways, peaceful and just, to raise your demands. But making your problems a ruckus for others is inhumane. The mob has no religion or caste. It is just a bunch of ignorant people blinded with rage and anger. Even the assaulter become the victims.


The whole event destroyed Rohtak and pushed it decades back. What’s lost cannot be restored, but a huge rectification is required. It is a wake-up for the government on where we stand as a nation. Hope they take a lesson.

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