When it comes to reading novels, Indian readers are surely catching up to the west and so are Indian authors. Every year, a lot of people in India publish their books but few manage to make a mark among the audience. We have made out a list of upcoming Indian authors you should look out for in 2018.

  1. Shivam- “Author of How to unleash your true potential”


An assistant Professor by Profession, Shivam‘s work in self-help genre has been applauded by many. His first book, “How to unleash your true potential” has received amazing sales and reviews from the Indian readers as well as abroad. A very few of Indian authors have been able to make their mark in self-help genre and hence, Shivam’s work would be worth looking for. You can buy his book here.

2. Daniel Paul Singh, Author of “11 Hours”


“11 Hours” was published last year and has already taken the Indian crowd by storm. The book is a romantic thriller and has received great reviews. His work should definitely be looked forward to in 2018. You can buy his book here.

3. Devanshi Sharma – Author of “No matter What I do”


Another author who is set to make it big in the Romance Genre is Devanshi Sharma. She has published three books as of now namely “Imperfect Misfits”, “No matter what I do” and “Unimaginably true”. These books have constantly been up the charts. You can get her books here.




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