Being an Introvert, I can understand the pain that involves in meeting someone. And that someone need not be a stranger, It could be your closest friends too. We, Introverts need our own space from time to time and that time could be an entire day, month, year or even life (for people like me). However, to survive in this cruel materialistic world, you need to socialise. We know it’s tough but here are the best ways to meet people being an introvert:


This thing suppresses all other plans and ways and is highly effective too. You are walking down the lane of your college with your headphones on (for a purpose), and you see an extrovert coming towards you with so much energy and excitement,( Why are they so hyperactive, anyway?). All you can think of is a way to ignore him, by jumping off the first floor or whatever. But he catches you and starts a conversation. And see, you are socialising! Was that even hard? You have done it. Meeting people have never been so easy.

Against your will!

This might not be your favourite one, but it works like wonder too. Remember the time when your group of friends were making plans for movie, dinner, club and lots of other shitty places, and you managed to escape away from it? Well, you can’t do that every time. The next time you say “NO”, all you can remember is one of your muscular friend kidnapping you and taking to that bar. But it’s all good. It’s a way to socialise, and who cares if it’s against your will? Who cares if you are going to have a shitty time? No one does. You need to socialise.

Meet other Introverts!

This is one thing you might like a lot. After all, socialising with introverts is also counted in socialising, right? Won’t it be fun? A group of people observing each other without saying a word. That would be an amazing sight to witness. You know what would be even better? A group of those introverts uniting….at their own homes. And yes, that should count as socialising. Don’t make jokes on us.

Dumb dates!

Meeting random people is so hard being an introvert. Can you imagine the trouble involved in asking a girl out for a date? It’s tough. You might think the best way out would be “Blind dates”, but no, you are clearly mistaken. The best solution out there is “Dumb Dates”, and yes, that means you have to be dumb, literally. Can you imagine how amazing that dinner date would go with eyes doing all the talking? This could be the greatest love story ever!

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