We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control.

One of the famous songs from Pink Floyd that can still in heard in concerts and bars all over the world definitely had a strong impact on the minds of people. And It’s obvious. It’s something we have always hated. STUDYING. Ask almost everyone in a university and they would talk about how studying is boring and how our education system fails to stand up to the real deal.

And I was no different. I spent almost 6 years of life in getting two degrees and also had mixed thoughts about starting a business and then earning big chunks of money. That’s when I thought, “Why do I need education when I can earn billions being an entrepreneur? I just need to be good at it and every degree of mine would be a waste.

How did that idea even cultivate in my head?

It’s because we have always hated the idea of education. We have always been told education is about getting grades in school, admission in a good university and finally landing up with a great job. This is what education is to us. No wonder, it would be stressful to cope up with so much expectations and desires that not only involves you but also everyone who is dependent on you.

We can now go on to rant about how our education system needs a change but unless we have a better option of schooling that can be applied to a large mass, the only way out is to find solutions in the existing system.

What could be the way out?

The most basic thing we can do is understanding the real meaning of education. Education is not about grades, education is not about jobs and education is definitely not a way to cater to someone’s expectation. It’s true that our education system has been built up to pump up jobs, expectations, and grades, it should not always be the byproduct. In a situation like this, we need to have more of a practical approach than an ambitious one and that would primarily involve changing yourself than anyone else.

If you wish to see an education system independent of any results, it has to start with you. Take that step. Educate yourself because there is never an end to it. Educate yourself as it is the only way to see the light. As Benjamin Franklin once said,

If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Education is an endless process and the minute you associate yourself with any other variables, you are bound to get lost and find it stressful. The true purpose of education lies in enlightenment and not in darkness.

For me, only education can pave the path for in numerous things, few of which I am mentioning below:

Education can help you make better decisions:

Life is uncertain and it often brings along with it millions of problems, and for some of those problems, you cannot dare to make a wrong move. What guides you when you are totally lost on a dark stormy night? It’s education. No matter how much we curse studying and the education system, it’s our knowledge that finally shows us the light. It’s the education that you have harvested guides you at a time when there is complete darkness.

Educations makes you independent:

For most of us, education is a just a trap our parents force us into. But that’s not what education was meant to do. Consider listening to the case of a 50-year-old laborer who has just started to read and write. When asked, why did you take up studying at this age, when there is clearly no use of it, he answers, “Now I can read the directions on road and even find out where my bus is going. I no longer need to ask people for it. Education has made me independent and helped me in making my own decisions“.

This is the power of education. It helps you gain a deep insight on what you are doing and why. Education is meant to empower you and never confuse it with anything else. Let it empower you without expecting anything in return. Only when you educate yourself truly, you would understand what value does it hold.

Education is a long-term commitment to yourself!

Life is uncertain and we have already talked about it. Nothing is definite in this world other than change. Your job, your car and even your house, everything could be at stake one day but there is one thing no one can take away from you. That’s knowledge and education. This is something you have earned over these years and no matter how down you are, or how miserable situation you are in, education will pick you up.

And let’s not mix education with degrees again. When you are educated, your mind automatically gives you thousand ideas on what to do when you are in a miserable state. Your degrees might help you too in this regard, but that would mostly be one dimensional. Education, on the other hand, is multi-dimensional. It does not care about what you have done, all it cares about is finding a way to uplift yourself.

It’s when you are shaking hands with education, you are making a long-term commitment to yourself, a commitment to grow, to prosper and grow even further.

You can afford it, I can afford it, and almost everyone who is reading this piece can afford it, but there are still a million others desperately waiting for their chance to grow but without any help. It’s you who can bring that change. If you vow to educate or enlighten at least one person, you would be making a large stride in making a prosperous world and a healthy society. Make full use of your education and share it with everyone who is in dire need of it.

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