No one wants to fight with their partner, but we all do, don’t we? When you’re so in love with a person and spend so much time building a life with them, you’re going to have some disagreements. Instead of letting these arguments get under your skin and throw your relationship of course, girls start doing these silly things even in a fight or we could say a minor breakup on social media

1. Changing relationship status on Facebook

Ending a relationship is tough enough, but having to break the news to all of your Facebook friends is even worse. No boy wants to share with hundreds of people that their relationship has just ended but girls do. Going from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” draws a lot unwanted attention in a time that’s already painful and then the most reply by girls ‘awwww’. C’mon it was just a normal fight girls.

2. Removing DP and status from WhatsApp!

Removing DP & Status from WhatsApp is the new way of telling people that you are feeling low.  And a note for boys, there is no point of you asking them what happened, you are evnentually going to waste your time in that. They just do it to in order to get some attention. Yes ..girls are attention seekers .

3. Removing couple pictures from Instagram!

If you want to delete photos because you hope it will change someone else’s thoughts or feelings, that’s manipulative and kinda creepy. And the worst part is posting that pic again with #relationship goals once the fight is resolved. You might thing no one noticed, but Internet is a scary place. Someone, somewhere is always watching you, and no, we are not talking about the FBI.

4. Long status on Facebook ‘Feeling sad with 10 others ‘ ‘feeling depressed with 4 others’

Ah! Nothing could be worse than this. Okay, Let’s just agree that you are feeling a bit low. Trying to seek attention is not the best way out of it. But why do these even happen? Because there are guys involved. Everyone knows that one guy who would literally hit on a Pizza. Let’s get this one thing straight. Facebook is not your diary . Just because you’re on an emotional roller coaster of your relationship, it doesn’t you carry 10 others with you just to wipe your tears. And yeah, posting the lyrics of those sappy songs is also on the list.

5. Starts stalking social networking pages of boyfriend!

No, he is not gone! Just because you two fought, doesn’t mean he is out there hitting on other girls. Stalking your bf’s Facebook and Twitter profile is not going to make it work. Talk it out instead of crying, Clear your doubts instead of doubting. That’s how a relationship works!

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