“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”

You might have heard this phrase many a times but people from Venus are generally thought to do the most alien things. And yes, I am referring to women. No matter how hard you try, you can never understand them.

As you might pretty well know from experience, secret and girls do not go hand in hand.
Anyway you may think that you know all the weird things they do and no, I am not talking about roaming in the house and singing to a pigeon to deliver “pehle pyaar ki pehli chitthi” to “sajjan”. Technology has been such a relief, I would say.

Here, we will talk about the more human, less-insane weird things they do when they have a crush on someone.

Silence!! Silence!!

This one thing is in sharp contrast to their behavior. A girl can barely talk in front of her crush. She may text the hell out of him but when she is around him, she automatically gets deported to Planet Sulkostare natives of which planet just stare and later sulk for not using the opportunity to talk.


Stalker level 101:

Contrary to popular belief, girls are the best stalkers. A girl stalks her “guy’s” profile at least once a day and never gets caught. They never intend to creep the guy but they “must” remain updated about anyone (read hot girl) trying to enter their territory. No wonder their brain works faster than Sherlock

Ctrl A+S:

Girls love to gather every bit of information they can about the guy they fancy and then they store them in the area in their brains where all other useful information like what they and their friends and their competitors wore what in past fifty days.


No matter how messy their lives appear, they always plan everything, from what they say to their crush or how they act in front of them.. Their text may or may not be frequent but they are always regular. They will watch every movie/series or listen to every song the guy has talked about or shared in his profile, just in case  their conversation drifts to these topics,she must know what to say. All she want to appear is cool, casual and aware.


When they want to get noticed they will change their status on Whatsapp , Profile picture on Facebook quite often and will try to indulge in humorous conversations on her timeline.

After all “Kuch Kuch Hota hai Rahul, tum nahi samjhoge”

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