It’s quite hard a question, isn’t it? All our lives, we run around chasing success but when asked about the same, we feel clueless.

For sure, success isn’t only about earning loads of money because if it would be, there wouldn’t be people horribly sad and depressed with their lives despite being super rich.

Again, being stagnant but satisfied with our lives might be a happy place but cannot really be said to be successful.

So what draws the line between being successful and unsuccessful?

Keeping it simple, success is all about improving every day and constantly striving to learn. And it’s often subjective. For you, your personal success might be way different from what it means to me. But there always has to be a common link between every opinion and it has to deal with how we evolve. To be evolved better, one must learn the art of trade off, the art of prioritizing things that matter the most.

For me, Success is about:

  • Consistency: It’s quite common to see people working hard for their goals and once they reach there, everything seems to go down hill. This is where the definition of success needs some alteration. Success isn’t only achieving your goal, it’s also about maintaining it. Consistency is the key and striving to move further helps you do so.
  • No compromises: There is no second thought about it. As your vision for yourself expands and you see yourself on the path of progress, you realize you need to make certain adjustments to your life. You can no longer waste your time in doing trivial things and you can no longer afford to work without proper planning. You would understand that you need to trade off your short term happiness for your long term goals and success.
  • Having no room for negativity: Longer the path we traverse, the better we realise how life doesn’t always go the way we want to. It’s quite natural to assume you might have failed many times before tasting sweet success and you are not the only one. Life is more about failures than successes. And the sooner you realise this, better off you are. Don’t let any instance of failure define you or your vision. Don’t let negativity hamper your growth. Staying focused and positive is the clear cut way to success.
  • Having higher quality goals: If your daily behaviours are consistently low quality, how can you expect your results to be any different? To be successful, you must start thinking that way. Your life choices should be high quality, your decisions should be of high quality and more importantly, your dreams should be high quality. Don’t restrict your dreams. You have an infinite potential to achieve anything if you dream.
  • Understanding the concept of risk taking: Quite often in our lives, we miss out on major changes just because we are afraid. We are afraid to take that long strive forward and we are afraid to take that risk which might upturn our lives. To be successful, one must realise when is that time and what he must do to progress. Take risks in your life that is worth it. Learn to identify situations which might help you progress. And learn to embrace changes.

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