It’s often said that you must never judge a book by its over who has ever stopped? Considering myself as a rebel who just goes against the world just for fun, I took the liberty of thinking about the summary of these movies just by reading their titles. Do tell me if I was close, although I am pretty sure I would be:

The Godfather: It sounds like a movie where a father takes care of his kids and their education, makes sure they don’t do drugs or have sex, or do late night parties, in short, be boring. But let me just dig deep into it. God means a heavenly figure and Father means a father ( and of course I am not assuming the gender). The climax of the movie would be about the father sending off his kids into elite universities and them grabbing huge salaries. A perfect happy ending.

12 Angry Men: Well, this requires some deep inspection. It talks about just 12 angry men and that doesn’t even involve women. Why would men be angry among themselves? This is getting pretty clueless to me. Oh wait wait wait! Is it some kind of a kinky stuff we are talking about? Are we talking about 12 angry men doing some really horrible things together? Damn.

Fight Club: As the name suggests it should be about a fight club. Fair enough. And looking at Brad Pitt in the poster, I feel this club would be worth talking about. I would be mentioning this to almost all my friends and family. This is the club everyone needs to know about. Let’s rant about it.

The Curious case of Benjamin Button: So, yet another Brad Pitt movie and of course there is no Angelina in it. But wait, there is no Jennifer Anniston either. Who is this new actor though? And why is it named curious case? This movie raises more curiosity than its name. Although I am totally clueless on this one, the cover image of the movie tells me that it’s about a man named Benjamin who had his pant buttons replaced to the back and hence he is making such weird faces.

V for Vendetta: Of all the words that start with V, I would never have guessed V for Vendetta. And why did he even name it that? It doesn’t appeal to the mass audience. Anyway about the movie, the cover image features a man with a mask. And what kind of a man it is who talks about V but with a totally different name. Oh, wait. Could it be a woman? Am I right? This does make sense. The woman is straight of course since she doesn’t like the V. And what does she want to do? It sounds like she wishes to avenge something, probably the death of here Oxford Dictionary.

The Matrix: No, Please! Not mathematics again. I have been fed up of this already. What is this movie about anyway? Mathematical equations on how to solve a determinant and its inverse? And why are there numbers floating in the cover? Is this movie about a guy who goes crazy studying these equations and starts killing everyone who comes in between? If it is, it’s very rightly put.

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