I don’t know how many of you have noticed this, but in November 2015, payday is on a Monday. What that means is, for a difference of one day, my salary will come 3 days later. Does make you cringe, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, at least one Monday to look forward to!

It is no secret that Money is the only motivator for most of us to continue working where we work. What if we take money out of the equation out of some of the most popular professions? Pure madness isn’t it? Here we go.

Pretending to be somebody else

  1. For Money: An actor, work considered art.
  2. Without taking money: Lunatic, work considered psychological disorder (DID)

Cooking food for a stranger

  1. For Money: Five Star Chef, work considered delicacy
  2. Without taking Money: Charity worker, work considered blessing.

Stopping people from entering nightclubs and bars, and throwing some people out of the same

  1. For Money: Bouncer, work considered security
  2. Without taking Money: Orthodox moral police, work considered a nuisance by some, applauded by some.

Follow someone

  1. For Money: Private Detective, work considered espionage.
  2. Without taking Money: Stalker, work considered stuff horror films are made of.

Drive really fast

  1. For Money: Race Car driver, work considered adventurous and thrilling
  2. Without taking Money: Asshole behind the wheel, work considered life threatening

Cut someone open and poke around inside them

  1. For Money: Doctor, work considered life saving.
  2. Without taking money: Serial Killer, work considered as crime with death penalty in any civilised part of the world.

Driving a girl around the city wherever she needs to go

  1. For Money: Cab driver, work considered regular stuff.
  2. Without taking Money: Boyfriend, work considered love and devotion.

Cutting someone’s clothes.

  1. For Money: Tailor, work considered Craftsmanship.
  2. Without taking money: Pervert, work considered lecherous

Polishing someone’s shoes.

  1. For Money: Cobbler, work considered a fast disappearing service.
  2. Without taking Money: Employee, metaphorical work considered sycophancy (or psycho-fancy)

Running a country to the Ground.

  1. For Money: Invader, work considered looting or pillaging.
  2. Without (directly) taking money: Politician, work ALSO considered looting or pillaging.

As we see, money not only matters, it totally changes how you are seen and how what you do is perceived. Do you have any interesting examples of your own? Do let us know in the comments below.

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