Isn’t that quite an ironic word? Genuine Happiness! Wouldn’t all happiness be genuine?

Yes, by definition, all happiness should be unique but in a world today we are living in, where things are more superficial than ever, happiness is not left behind. We show ourselves to be happy even when we are not. And that is a worrying problem for us since we are trying to overcome our emotions without dealing with what’s wrong in it. We all can agree that being in a happy state is something we all look forward too, but reality always stays different. Our human body is highly governed by our emotions and if we don’t know how to embrace it and react accordingly, We would eventually be killing our efficiency.

What should we do then?

Happiness is one thing we all live for. How would we ever know if we are running after genuine happiness?

Well, for starters, Genuine happiness is the one where you don’t have to seek approval from others to be happy. If you feel happy at the expense of proving your worth to someone, that is definitely not it. True happiness comes from inside when you know what you are, and what you are worth.

If you still are confused about what genuine happiness stands for, these points might help you:

Stop trying:

We all have an idealized representation of something in our mind, be it being a perfect person or having a perfect job, building a dream bungalow and what not! And we let these idealizations drive our aspirations and determine our actions. Can you see what happens next? We wouldn’t be in the present but in our minds. Since we have an idealized figure of everything, we try to be in that position, We try way too hard for it. We don’t care for the strategy, we just try hard.

And how can we ever derive genuine happiness from something that is just superficial? Since we are already starting from a sense of falsehood, how can it ever give us genuine happiness?

Letting go of trying is the first big step you can do to find genuine happiness. Just let it go. Stop trying and just act. Go for it. Just go with the flow, you may fall sometimes, get up and be even stronger.But don’t try to find your happiness in any idealized perpetual state. It’s not there. It’s in the present moment. Live it and you will find genuine happiness.

Learn from people, but don’t make them your idol!

If no one is perfect and everyone is different, how can you give anyone the authority to tell you how to think and act? You can adore and follow the most intelligent person on the planet, but don’t ever make them your idol.

You are different. You have your own thoughts. And they are unique. You have all right to learn from people, learn from their accomplishments and learn from your mistakes, but your acts should always be unique. Let your wings grow and let it take an amazing flight.

Be yourself and you would conquer new oceans. Be yourself and you would see beauty in everything. This is the thing you should celebrate. This is how you grow. This is the phase where you have nothing left to lie about. You are your true self. And this is where genuine happiness is derived from. Since all your actions would be yours, the reward would be yours too. That’s the true sense of accomplishment and genuine happiness.

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