Arguing with Women? Are you kidding me! Don’t even think about committing such a heinous crime.
When arguing with a Woman it is almost impossible for men to win it, they shouldn’t even try winning it.

However, if you do get into one, do keep in mind, the following points so that at least you know what NOT to do while arguing with a Woman.

1. Whenever you feel that you are about to get into an argument with a woman just make sure that you make it sound more like a healthy discussion and not an argument, because if she gets the slightest idea of your intentions, boy you are gone! It’s time for a World War!


2. What can you do when you fall in this trap of an argument, you can’t get out of it immediately, so you’ve got no choice but to respond. In such a situation don’t ever try to put across your point in an argumentative tone, always use phrases like, ‘I think you are totally correct but I think this can also be done’ OR ‘Yes you are absolutely correct and I agree it’s solely my mistake’.

3. Even if you know arguing on this particular topic is futile, don’t ever let her feel that you think this way, because then you are heading towards a bigger problem and a never ending argument. Just try to show her that the topic is as important to you as it is to her and keep repeating that you want to sort it out as quickly as possible and how you hate arguing with her.

4. Say SORRY! Even if the argument is about something in which she is at a fault, don’t try to argue on this, try your best by cutting the argument short. The best way – “I am sorry baby”.

5. Women are complicated human beings and if in between the argument she starts crying, dude you’ve lost the battle already! Try not to make her cry because if you do, you would have to hear taunts related to this one argument the entire week and boy you do not want to do that.

6. Women always make it a point to win! However baseless the argument is, even if they know you are right, they will never accept it. They will argue and they will argue till a point of time where either they win or you agree that it was your mistake to have even thought of an argument with them.

These are 6 tricks and tips that can help you when arguing with a Woman, so that the next time you are caught in such an argument you know how to take control of the situation without even letting her know.

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