Life seems quite disappointing when you are surrounded by exceptionally talented people soaring new heights in life. Some are doing good in arts, some in science and some have become high ranked officials. And you are lying here thinking of you as a talentless heck. It’s not like you don’t try. You too want to achieve big things in life but have always failed irrespective of however hard work you put in.

If this sounds like you, here are some things you can try. You wouldn’t mind that anyway, “What’s the harm in trying?”

Just give up!

Knowing the fact that nothing works out for you, giving up would perfectly act as a stress buster. Forget about all your problems, give up on what you want to do, give up on all the relentless efforts you have been putting in and take a fresh start. Just admit you are talentless and everyone is doing an amazing job in their fields. What are you going to do about it? Cry about how you suck? That is neither going to affect them nor help you in regard. Try this instead.

Stop being jealous of what others are doing and divert that energy to keep yourself motivated. Now that you are free of any burdens, start doing random things without expecting much from it. Be it drawing, writing, or playing squash. You never know what’s going to click you. Take your chances and don’t expect anything in return. You would eventually find something that makes you the most excited. Pick that thing.

Make “that thing” your hobby!

You still aren’t a pro in this yet, so don’t even think of making a profit out of yet. And that’s okay. For a talentless person, keeping a hobby sounds just fine. You don’t have any burdens until you make it as an earning source. A hobby means ¬†you are doing it for fun and leisure and let it be like that. Explore even more things about it, get better at it and seek extreme happiness from it.

Work hard!

You know something that you extremely love. Now is the time to convert that hobby into your work source. And you will have to work hard for it, remember you are a talentless person. You can’t get away with a moderate amount of work and except magnificent results. And since you love this hobby so much, working hard for it won’t hurt either. Work hard and practice as much as you can. You have to become perfect at this. Keep doing it until you feel extremely confident.

Don’t work hard!

You now have the prerequisite to excel in your field. You have worked hard to do well in this. That’s it. You need to stop working hard now. All you need to do right now is think of new ways. Work smart. Be innovate for you have enough experience. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing. Just keep doing your work with your full dedication.

With all this effort and that too without much talent, you would have come a long long way. So it seems you are not talentless after all. You always considered yourself one because you kept on comparing your efforts to someone else. Like it’s always said, the grass is always greener on the other side. The only way we can succeed and be happy about it is by doing our work without any comparisons.This is the secret and this is the way.




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