Let’s just spend a moment talking about how it’s so hard to decode what women say and what they really mean. You have been at that place too, Haven’t you?

Don’t you remember the last time you asked your GF about going to the bar with your buddies, and she replied, “Yeah, Sure! Do whatever you want”.

Little did you know, these simple words had such complicated meaning. You later realized it when you had to apologize for the three next consecutive days.

Anyway, Let’s not talk about how you completely screwed up the last time. It wasn’t your fault. We men are simple creatures. We do as we are told. What’s wrong in that?

Forget it, I was not here to bitch about my life. I was trying to decode what women actually mean.

So here is the detailed breakup of what women actually mean when they say, ” Do whatever you want!”


This is a woman’s way of testing you. She wants to know if you are really into her. And that can only be measured by how you treat her. She wants your time but she is also saying do. Understand that it’s a trick question. “Do” actually means here, “DON’T FUCKING DARE TO”


This word is self-explanatory on its own. You might have heard the usage of this a lot in your life. Don’t you recall this conversation with your crush in high school?

You: I love you!

Her: Whatever.

or the one in your college.

You: You mean the world to me and I can catch a grenade for you. *Booom*… *You almost died*

Her: Whatever.


This thing has been bugging philosophers for years without any proper answer. Who are you?

Who are you?

What are you?

But she needs an answer. And you can’t just run away from it. According to various researches done by our countless scientists, we have come to a conclusion that girls have an answer to the question, “Who are you?” and the answer according to them is “You are mine” and you can never ever escape this. You must not escape this. All your time belongs to me and all of you belongs to me. And that’s just love. Dare you to question the authority to what love is. We will cover that in a separate article.


Now this is another tricky one.

“What do you want?”

She might have asked you this on several different occasions and specificlaly when you are losing the plot. And what did you do? Succumb to your manly ego and answer it honestly? This is what you have doing all wrong.

Listen to your inner soul and answer this. What do you want?  If your answer is sex and booze, it’s alright, you are on the right track. If not, Why the hell are you even reading this? You are a coward. You have been ruining it for all other guys. Get out of here.

Now coming back to you, It’s totally fine if you think sex is the obvious answer, just don’t let it flow out of your mouth. It’s her that you want.

Let’s rehearse now.

I disguised as her: What do you want?

You: Sex but I love you so much..

I disguised as her: Whatever!


Did this article make any sense?

I thought so. You already know whatever you do, whatever you say, it’s never going to be easy. Good luck!



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