My college days were amazing. I had a decent enough grade. I was getting as much attention as I wanted. I had some really good friends, some really amazing trips and this helped me develop a hell lot of confidence. I got an amazing internship, the one people dream about and everything was just about perfect and comfortable, to say the least. Finally, I arrived at a stage where I had to make a transition from a student to a working professional. Having good grades and a good internship in hand, I was quite confident of making easily into the next stage.

I gave an interview and was rejected. I felt bad for a moment but rubbed it off as bad luck. Many other interviews were lined up and I started to prepare for them with the same confidence. One after the another, I gave various interviews but the same result followed. I couldn’t qualify any of the interviews I gave. I was shattered. How could that happen to me? As far as I knew, I was the one who could do anything, get any kind of job he wanted. It was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life.

I was shocked. I was sad and I had nowhere to go. The comfortable moment that I always cherished was nowhere to be found. I had a thousand thoughts in my head,

“What should I do next?”

“Am I really worthless?”

“Was I being overly confident of myself?”

So many questions and yet no answer. This was when a sudden thought hit me,

“Isn’t this actually a good thing? I have already seen the worst which means whatever I do next would be a positive move. And I know myself to be a confident man who can take care of myself, why worry about not getting a job? I can do a million other things and still live my life gracefully”

It felt as if the heavy baggage on my shoulders has finally been removed. I felt happy. I felt confident again. But I was still uncomfortable and I realized it isn’t a bad thing to be uncomfortable. I started working on the book that had been long due because my life was really great and comfortable and I never felt like bringing in any change. Only when I realized the uncomfortable position I am in, I started working for my goal, finished it in months and the book turned out to be great with quite positive reviews.

This is when I realized:

Being comfortable isn’t a great place to be in!

When we are comfortable in our lives, there is nothing we want to change about it. We get too much protective about things that are already happening in our life. And this is where we develop a habit of being satisfied with whatever we have. This takes a heavy toll on our dreams as we begin to contemplate if we even needed it in the first place.

Being comfortable makes you lazy. Being comfortable makes you miss out on your dreams.

Set your comfortable position on the horizon. Always seek to acheive it but never reach there.

When you are uncomfortable, you know there is something you need to change, that something is the benchmark for success. When you are uncomfortable, you know you still have a lot to achieve. The most important thing you need to learn while being uncomfortable is that it’s not a bad place to be in. Accept it gracefully. Accept the fact that you need some change in your life and keep a tab in your dreams. This way, you would be constantly working towards achieving your dream without being even a bit worried about it.




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