So a week ago, my beard and hair got fired from my job and I had to go get a haircut and shave off my mane.

A minute of silence for the deceased and departed. May they rest in peace, miss you forever. </3

But this is not about that. Before my boss asked me to go and get a hair cut, he told me a tale from his college days. “There was this guy, who was a lot into the metal scene at that time,”  he told. “And I would always walk up to him and ask Bruh! I understand the head-banging part. But what I do not understand is the hair and beard. Can you give me a reason why you metalheads have to have long hair and a beard? And not even once could he tell me why he needs to have his hair grown. Get a hair cut.”

So I wept and wept about my hair, but in the back of my head the question had dug a hole, heated the mug and made some bricks and built itself a home. It was refusing to let go of my head. It demanded a proper answer and then only it would go, as he said. Which left me with no option at all but to find an appropriate answer. So being the thought experimenting scientist that I am, I began collecting my facts.

I first leaned towards the euphoric feeling one gets when they headbang with the hair long.  I mean anyone who has ever had long hair, knows how it feels to headbang with long hair. It’s like an afterthought one has after a thrilling experience. For example, when you’d cliff dive the moment you make your first dive would be just an impulsive action, not a deliberate one and therefore after you have leaped from the cliff and you’re suspended in mid-air, your brain goes, “Holla holla holla! Did I actually do it?” and then the brain fact checks. Am I in the air? Check. Are you sure I have suspended myself mid-air? Yes. So you’re saying there is no, and I mean absolutely no ground beneath my whole essence? YES! And this point you feel a tingling in your entire body, searching for land anywhere, SOMEWHERE around itself. And then this happens:

“H@#$ S*$%! I actually did it! What the f@*& got to me!?!”

And I thought that this is why rockers and heavy metal fans have got long hair. But then I realized, that this is only partially true. Primarily because this does not explain the beard and also because there are all sorts of rockers. I mean look at Chris Motionless, from Motionless In White. He’s got short hair but is bald from the sides, making it weird bangs with mohawk-ish hair cut. And then there is Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother. He has got a decent afro, just overgrown. And then there is Hayley Williams, from Paramore. She was a girl and had long hair and she cut them down. Amy Lee from Evanescence.

Wow. Amy Lee from Evanescence.

Sorry, got lost in my thoughts there. But she is pretty normal.  Normal hair. What’s with rock/metal and hair/beard?

Then, I came up with an explanation which fits. Which fills all the holes and builds all the bridges and it is pretty simple. For this one has to go back to the roots of rock and metal. The answer lays at the very foundation of rock/metal. The answer is the same as a band called itself The Sex Pistols and went up on the stage of a completely booked tour only for the singer to pick up the mic and say “F*** Y**,” (Yeah that’s true. They didn’t even bother about their fans. They left them and didn’t sing a single song.) The answer is the same as you find metalheads with tattoos.  The same as the metalheads with piercing which have now enlarged themselves to stretching and enlargement of them. The same as Amy Lee dressing up as a Goth with heavy makeup as if she was a person with no sleep at all. Rebellion.

The reason why rock exists is rebellion and rebellion are what rock stands for. When the world adjusted itself to the loud rock music, we evolved to metal and then to metalcore. Then we screamed lyrics about death and made it deathcore. Just because, we don’t care. Just because you cannot control me or my thoughts. Just because I will do what I want. Just because society’s rules aren’t correct and I’d like to make a statement that I am not ruled by them. Just because I accept that I am weird and creepy and I embrace the fact. What’s the easiest way to embrace this rebellion as a religion?

Tattoos? They’re costly. Piercings? Time-consuming. Hear my music out loud? We already do that! Do my makeup? It involves skill and efforts.

Grow my hair.

Think about it.

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