Each relationship is unique and each come with its own turn of events

But, we often hit the bumps and then look into to get help for the ‘Experts’. Experts be it in sort of Therapist, Counsellor, Friend, Experienced Elders, etc. which is a good thing considering the number of fall out in relationships.

Are these sort of help or advice brought about a positive insight or a change or has this been another listen to it only?

I sincerely feel that these advices are good cause it comes from seniors and those who have been in a situation similar to these or close to it. But, I also feel that these are not applicable to everyone. Simply because each of us has our own way to solve or see through issues.

Like the girl I was interested said “only we know what we are into, involving the world will only make the issue worse. It is best we sit through it because we know our way”. I guess what she said is so true. Indeed, it is great in every relationship the two parties sit through and discuss it because it may lead to solutions in the end for the good or for the worse.

But, we mostly leave these and look into dailies or advice spots to read what others have asked and what the other so-called ‘Expert’ is advised and try to approach it with the same angle only to result into more issues or dead spots.

The relationship doesn’t work that way, there are no solid manifesto or guides that will leave you to handle issues. And sometimes what is not an issue to the world would be the world of issues to the ones in a relationship.

I’m also not writing out the possibilities of reading into what advice is put up online or read in a magazine but it is best to even before you try that to think for a minute of each other’s mindsets and heart.

Also please don’t buy the assumption that a healthy relationship is all cosy, nice and no issues are involved. Those are no relationship they are nothing but passing clouds that doesn’t rain so you can harvest.

The relationship is a challenge and it takes two people to work has one to conquer these roads. So, don’t complain or feel sad about it. Things will happen if you are talking about things and know the simplest way to solve them.

Have a fun and healthy relationship ahead!!

Things you should do for a perfect relationship!

1. Admit your mistakes after an argument.

2. See your partner for who he/she really is.

3. Be willing to learn from each other.

4. Let go of expectations.

5. Be honest.

6. Practice forgiveness.

Things you shouldn’t do in a relationship!

1. Compare them with others.

2. Cheat on them.

3. Dismiss problems without talking it out.

4. Trying to change who they are.

5. Holding a grudge.

6. Not supporting them.


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