Gone are the days when Dads were considered to be the boring grumpy members of the family. The times have changed and so has their sense of humor.

Don’t believe us? You would want to check these out.

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Dad’s Office


Never Ask Your Dad To Bring You Stuff At School 58cfb5b088ac9_LIt6XZ3__700

My Dad Said My Dog Took Over My Room After I Left For College. He Sent Me This… 58cff3c7cc5f6_4B1Irr__700

A Girl Got A Text From A Boy Asking To See Her In Her Bra, Dad Replied 58d0f9cded3df_muiBbrj__700

Marilyn Manson’s Dad Surprised Him At His Recent Photo Shoot With Terry Richardson. Proof That Its A Father’s Duty To Embarrass Your Children As Much As Humanly Possible


Exact Photo Description Of A Dad Joke In Action 58d0fb6e88479_uLfRhDd__700

My Friend’s Dad Is A Dentist. This Is His Pumpkin For Halloween 58d2344c92a0c_7K17R4Ar__700

Dad, Why.. 49278716118-png__700 (1)

After A Multi-year Battle I Finally Convinced My Dad To Upgrade His Old Nokia 3310 To An Iphone. The Custom Phone Case He Ordered For It Arrived Today.


So My Friend Has Her First Driving Lesson With Her Dad funny-dad-jokes-10-58d2498662450__700

Happiness Level – Dad funny-dad-jokes-11-58d28a1a8aee3__700

Dad Told His Daughter That The Turkey Was Pregnant funny-dad-jokes-13-58d28a4ce0700__700

Daughter Asked For Frozen Gifts This Christmas.. funny-dad-jokes-34-58d3cad22972b__700

My Dad And I Created A “world Sandwich” From Cordoba, Spain To The Exact Opposite Side Of The World In Hamilton, New Zealand funny-dad-jokes-35-58d3cd607d1cc__700

My Dad Just Moved To Tokyo. I Asked For A Picture Of The View From His Apartment… funny-dad-jokes-37-58d3d55f72086__700

My Girlfriend’s Dad Sent Me This Picture Of Himself Today funny-dad-jokes-44-58d3db69da52e__700

My Dad Was Looking At Me Like This For Like 5 Minutes Until I Looked Down At His Plate funny-dad-jokes-52-58d4ddc72c383__700

God Damnit, Dad… funny-dad-jokes-59-58d50a9eb09c6__700

My Uncle And Dad Found My Cousin’s Hair Extensions, And Sent The Whole Family Glamour Shots funny-dad-jokes-60-58d50b3c4dd28__700

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