There was a time in my life where nothing was really going in my favor. I couldn’t crack any of the multiple interviews i gave, I couldn’t pay attention to any of the things I was thing. In short, a thought had stuck me, “My life sucks” and the worst thing was that I was not able to get past it.

This story maybe mine but I am sure there is some part of you hidden in it too. There must have been times like these in your life as well. Because Life is not consistent, life doesn’t always go the way you want it to go, Life is full of many ups and even more downs. In a journey like this, We would have more than one instance where we would end up pondering about the existence of our lives and what we are doing with it.

Many times, this phase holds on to us longer than desired and we end up being depressed worsening the matter even more. Logically speaking, this is the time we need to pull ourselves even harder and fight back for what we deserve. A lot of your friends can talk about staying motivated and helping you fight the depression. But eventually, you would realize you are in charge of how you want to deal with it. You would eventually realize that you are being your worst enemy with the constant barrage of negative thoughts pouring in your head. You would eventually realize you need to stop using your pain as an excuse. And that eventually can only come when you start taking responsibility for your actions. If you still think, your life seems to suck, these might help you:

You become what you think!

Our life is a mirror image of what we think. And I am not going to talk about the quote which says, anything we want with a pure heart, the universe conspires to give it to us. Because we all know it doesn’t work that way. We need to work for what we want, thinking alone is not going to do the job. Our life is an endless pursuit of achieving our targets, which just never seem to end. The more we are focused on the destination than the journey, the more dissatisfied we are going to be. Always believe in your goal and set your marks with positivity. With that, you need to be realistic as well. You need to realize that there are still chances of you not reaching the destination. You need to realize that that shouldn’t make you sad because you already have enjoyed the journey and that’s what counts. Your attitude towards life makes the most part of it. You get to decide how you want to live it.

Always be thankful for what life gives you!

Can you guess what’s the prime cause of sadness? Discontentment. And it’s not that hard to guess. We often get sad over reasons we can’t control. We often get disheartened over losing. Because that’s what we have been taught. We have been fed up right from birth that life is a race where you must win.

But life is not a race. Life is a journey and journeys are always beautiful than the destination. Make sure you enjoy the process rather then setting your eyes on the destination.

Always be thankful of your circumstances. They are here for a reason. The more you repel them, the more you are hating your life. Start accepting every moment of your life gracefully and you would know how amazing it feels.

Stop trying to impress yourself!

We all do that. We all lie to our subconscious about what we are. Because we are afraid, because we are scared that a truth might break down the hypothetical image of what we are in our brains. But believe me, you need that. You need that right now. You need to know what you are and you need to accept yourself the way you are. Only when you know who you actually are, you would not feel the need to impress yourself or even others. And this would be the time where you would start blooming.

Decide the path you want to travel!

We often visualize life as a one-way road full of obstacles. But it’s not. It’s not a one-way road. There are multiple divergent points and each of them leads somewhere. Don’t limit your choices by what you are being shown. Open your eyes and choose your path for yourself. Do what you want to do. Don’t let anyone else decide your path. Not even fear. Your sweetest dream lies just one hurdle of fear away. Choose your path and choose it confidently. Make sure you go in that direction with all your efforts and inspiration. That’s the sweetest route of success, and yeah don’t forget to recall point 1. You must keep walking with happiness but should never be sad about where it leads you.


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