When I was a kid, I used to be happy and carefree, unconcerned about what’s happening around me, lost in my own imaginary world but looking back at that time, I am sure I wasn’t the happiest. I always envied the adults who could make decide for themselves when to go out, who had money to buy as many chocolates as they wanted. For me, they were the happiest people.

As I grew into a teenager, my idea of adulthood had changed. I was beginning to develop a notion that good looking people with rich parents were the happiest people. They would attract all the girls around and the most amazing part was that their parents would buy them super cool clothes and video games. What else could be better than this?

My definition of a “happy person” took another swing as I set foot in my 20s. This time, my idea of a “happy person” involved a successful career, a Rolls Royce, a beautiful bungalow and a supportive family.

And it could be something very different for you, your friend or anyone else. You see? “Happiness” is a subjective term. The things that make you happy might not have the same impact on me. But is there anything common in the pursuit of happiness? Is there something that can be considered the base while we are seeking happiness?

The answer lies in you!

There was a thing common with all my previous definitions of happiness. It changed with the people I was surrounded by. Being a kid, I was surrounded by toys and my world was limited by it. And that trait didn’t change even when I transitioned into a full grown adult. Even then, I was limited by the world I was surrounded by. Even then, my definition of happiness was limited to what others have.

Now, you wouldn’t need a rocket science to decipher it can’t be right. There cannot be a definition of happiness that would change so variably¬†with time. This is the flaw in the society we are grown in, where we constantly asked to look for happiness for possessions rather than ourselves. Although it’s a part of human nature to think on those grounds, small efforts in this direction of finding ourselves can give the happiness in us a major boost.

Amongst all these, the important question remains unanswered:

Who is the happiest man?

  • The happiest man is the one who knows no amount of money, fame or jobs can make you happy.
  • The happiest man is the one who knows no external turmoil has the potential to shake your faith that comes from inside.
  • The happiest man is the one who is content and yet never forgets to chase his dream.
  • The happiest man is the one who knows it’s good to help people and even better to ask for help. He realizes that he has some limits and asking for help would only aid him to grow.
  • The happiest man is the one who knows he is not in a competition¬†with fellow beings. He realizes that he is the only person he should look for when following his goal.
  • The happiest man is the one who knows the art of looking at the positive side no matter how hard the circumstances are.
  • The happiest man is the one who has a passion for following. Instead of letting the devil rule his head in his free time, he chooses to pursue his passion and follow the things he loves.

This “happiest man” could be anyone because they aren’t some superheroic tasks. You could be the happiest man you know. I am sure you already practice few of these things. Why not focus on all? And for sure, add more things to the list. Make yourself the happiest man you know by all means possible.






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