How many Political Parties have you heard of? I have heard about Congress, I have heard about the B.J.P and I have heard about many regional parties as well. According to Indian statistics as of 2014, the total number of regional parties registered was 1761. That’s some huge number. Now think again. In which Political Party do you trust? I including most of the people in our country would say none. Out of those large number of parties, I can’t find even one party to trust. It’s not that I hate them by choice, I am forced to. Who am I ?

I am the common man. I live an average middle-class life. I earn just enough to feed my family. I like to live a normal life in par with all the lies and fake promises. It’s not that I don’t want India to progress. I too want a country where everyone can walk freely without any fear, every one gets their daily share of bread and everyone has a roof to sleep under. But this is far from reality after 60 years of independence. And I am not alone. It’s the situation of many more Indians and many share a common ground in this too.

With so much alteration to the word “Politics”, it has lost its real meaning and what it is meant to represent. Politics is not synonymous to corruption. The pure meaning of Politics lies in improving someone’s status or the status of whole society in general without any personal gains or favour. What we now think Politics to be is mostly an alteration to the word. The real meaning can be explained only at the ground root level.

Consider the case of a N.G.O working on improving the sanitation in a Village or for providing clean Water in that area. Now if that N.G.O wants to expand its domain and work for the whole district in union, it will have to deal with politics and politicians. This is where the role of Politics influences our life.

This sounds easy and simple but in a large country like India, implementation of this takes huge courage and planning. This means we need individual political influence in every district/state. And that is being done too but with a large loophole. India is a highly populated country and each of its state has large size and population too. We have a governance system at State level which looks after the affair of the whole state. Since, it involves so many level and people, a single drop of corruption pollutes the whole system and sadly that is the case too. The men in power usually suppress the weaker ones forcing their dominance on them.

The accumulation of power at higher level often causes the smaller or even milder problems of society to be dissolved without anyone knowing it. We have also witnessed how powerful people can have the solution to any crime they do and can walk freely every time.

There is a much worse problem now. Is this ever going to be solved? Are we ever going to not mix politics and adultery? Are we ever going to stop suffering because of it? Does this have a cure in the current judiciary System? The answer to all of this is sadly no.

And hence the everlasting question always remains. Which party do you support? And my answer will always be:

“ I am not interested in Politics”

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