What does Bollywood teach you about love?

A desperate weird guy starts stalking a girl. The girl tries her best to get rid of him only to fail every time. Eventually, the loneliness of the girl sprouts up and she decides to get easy on the guy. They become friends, good friends and then lovers. They sing and dance together, kiss behind a tree followed by a happy ending (not for the guy, for the movie).

This 3 line movie plot could wind up 70% of love stories in Bollywood and people apparently go gaga over it. But this is not it. Bollywood has been a foundation stone for many love stories sprouting up in teenage brains all over India. But Is this what love is? Has Bollywood been a good teacher to us?

No marks for guessing but the answer is definitely a NO. But you don’t have any solid reasons to believe me, do you? The only way I can prove myself is by looking up the definition of love and exclaiming that the love Bollywood showed us was totally wrong, but I can’t do that. No one knows the true definition of love and neither do I. However, scrapping some information from here and there, we could argue that love is that selfless feeling in which a person only cares about the one he loves.

How is Bollywood wrong about it?

Let’s talk about the Bollywood definition of love now keeping in mind our perspective of love. Let’s assume a guy stalks a girl on all times, be it in her college or market or even her home. In a common Bollywood story, we would call this love and this act of desperation some strong love. Is that love? But wait, Bollywood has even more to offer. What happens next is pretty easy to guess. The girl falls for the guy, mistaking this forced desperation and stalking as love and they live happily ever after. But does this happen in real life? The desperate stalker whose only aim was to get together with that girl has done his job successfully now. He has nothing to look forward to and hence he moves to his next target. Let’s assume for a moment, the girl now decides that the guy is not at all compatible with her and wants to breakup. Would that be easy? It never will be. Having given him opportunity in the first place, she has already closed all her exit points. The guy who started as stalking would now do anything to get the girl back, no matter how tedious it may sound. Acid Attack, Rape, Murder and other horrifying activities by those rejected guys stand as witness to this.

Bollywood doesn’t sound so glorious now, Does it? A simple story that was showed in the most beautiful way on screen turns out to be a horrifying disaster for many and who is to be blamed for it?

Can we do anything about it?

Of course, we can! We do not stand anywhere in power compared to those giant Bollywood producers, but we definitely are powerful when it comes to our mind. Bollywood is a source only meant for entertainment and it should only be limited to that. A movie can never portray what love is and even if it tries to do so in a perfect way, it would fail. This is because the definition of love stands different for each individual. It is a feeling which you can not express just feel. Any form of desperation or enforcement just devalues its meaning. It’s important to know what love really is other than thinking it of the Bollywood way!

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