We all have heard countless men running away from love and commitment. But why is that? Isn’t love supposed to be a good feeling? If you don’t agree even now, these points will make you ponder about falling in love at least once!

Love is a beautiful feeling, wouldn’t you agree? They say it changes life and makes you into a stronger person. Why are you running away from it then? There has been a remarkable trend of men running away from commitment and love and we are here to bring a change. If you feel love sucks, better read these points on why every man should fall in love at least once:

Improved memory:  How often have you fellow men forgot to bring groceries for the night? or to pay the electricity bill? or even the purpose of life? Every time right! And we still are proud of it. It’s time to change this. It’s time to be responsible. Fall in love and you will always have someone to pester you with the smallest of details.
“Why didn’t you pay the electricity bill on time?”
“Why didn’t you buy vegetables for dinner?”
“Why don’t you do anything with your life?” 
If you want to know the answers to these questions, fall in love. You will learn it… the hard way.


Improved Hygiene: It doesn’t require rocket science to speculate that men have a hard time maintaining hygiene. And why would they even do that? it’s fun to throw the clothes wherever you want and leave those vessels unattended. But again, fall in love and you would know what living like a human actually feels like. You would have to start taking care of your clothes and no, you can’t sleep without your bed sheets too.

man-cleaning (1)

Sex: Why is this even the third point? This could be by far the best reason to fall in love because you are not going to get laid any other way. I mean, look at you. If you are thinking about one-night stands, those are not for you. That only happens to guys who know how to look good and use cheesy lines and drive Lamborgini. And of course, you got nothing of those.


Increased use of pet names like Babe and baby: No matter how manly you are, you will always have a soft cosy side. Don’t you remember the last time when you got a paper cut? You cried like a BABY. That’s right. Baby. This is the word you are going to use when you fall in love. And that’s perfectly cool, right? You are not any good at doing manly things, why not use these pet names to perfection?


You learn to dance: We all know how you danced in that farewell party of yours. We have always wanted you to tell you this, and I guess, this is the right time. You suck at dancing. Don’t you dare do that again? However, this is still hope. Fall in love, and you would be forced to learn dance anyway. And that wouldn’t be some crazy robot dance. You are a gentleman now. You would learn ball dance and salsa like every other couple do.


You learn to bargain: Men often like to consider themselves as logical being and with that comes absolutely no power to bargain. But, that’s not the case for women. They just know it too well, and no you cannot match up to their standards, but you, of course, can learn a bit from them. Fall in love and they will teach you how to beat logic by all measures.


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