Most of you would have  heard of the term “Why Why Analysis” in quite many of the management lessons. And for those you don’t, Why Why analysis is a method of searching for and finding the root causes of the problem. And like the name suggests, it seeks its origin from the most common question asked during any analysis, “Why?”. Since it has been highly successful, it is used mostly in manufacturing or quality control units.

And why should you care about that?

Well, There is a reason for you to do so. Having gathered laurels from almost all management lessons, there is no reason as to why it won’t help you with your life.

Just think of it in this way. What do you generally do when you experience a roadblock in the journey of your life? Do you get sad about it? or Do you feel you are forever stuck with no way out?

If you can even slightly relate to it, this life hack can certainly help you.

One of the biggest mistakes we commit is trying to impress “ourselves”. More than anyone else, We should stop lying to ourselves.

And this is where the change starts. It starts the moment when we stop trying to confront ourselves with subtle lies.

“Why” is something we always are scared to ask ourselves. It just seems to disbalance the image of “ourselves” in our head. And this is what we really need to do. We need to get in touch with reality rather than the ideal figure we have for ourselves. And the question “Why” is something that works perfectly in this situation. This question has the ability to develop you a lot personally.

And it works in almost all the aspects of life. Be it failed relationship or career troubles, you can definitely bounce back with “Why”. There are few terms and conditions, though. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and the question “why” needs to be asked until you reach a dead end. And by the dead end, I mean a point where you are no more left with any whys. You need to ask yourself extensively what happened and the reason behind it.

Not only you would know the cause of your failure, you would definitely know where you have been lagging. What next?

Now work on the skills that let you down before. Work to the point where you know it won’t haunt you again.

And that’s just fraction of how why-why analysis can help you.

It can help you find the real “You”!

The whole idea of questioning yourself revolves around being honest. Because we are not. We lie to ourselves much more than we think. And it’s on a daily basis. Remember when you couldn’t reach your office on time? You conveniently blamed it on your driver. And when you couldn’t pass your exams? You conveniently blamed the professor or some external factors. And it’s not just you. It’s all of us. We all do it and this is what we need to improve on by being honest with ourselves.

Once we have reached that level, where we don’t feel the need to impress “ourselves”, We would find a million ways to grow. Why-Why analysis can do it for you. The process of asking a blunt “why” over and over again would not only make you face the reality with full confidence, it would also help you know the real you. It would help you know what you really want and it would help you discover your true self.

It keeps you happy at all times!

Let’s think about the time when you failed to crack an important interview. What would your first reaction be? Dejected and sad . Some might even go to the verge of depression. But you wouldn’t do any of these. You have Why Why analysis.

Instead of remorse, you would jump on the real deal. The moment you start feeling dejected, You would ask yourself,

Why? And the obvious answer would be “Because I failed to crack an interview.”

This would be followed by another why which would answer, “It doesn’t really matter if you failed in this, There are many other chances”.

After a series of why-why analysis, You would eventually realize, it’s not worth getting sad over it.

In fact, it’s not worth getting sad over anything. We get sad over something that we can’t change or we get anxious over something that has not even happened. In both cases, you cannot do anything at all. Unless you build a time machine, go back in time and correct your interview( which would also be a paradox), there is no point getting sad about it.

When you get anxious about your future, you would be again wasting your time over something which is not in your control. Just let the time come at its own pace. Stay prepared for it and give your best. When you are anxious about it, you are not actually giving your 100% and thereby reducing your chances even more.

We assume situations to be bad when it is not even close to one. You would have thousands of opportunities throughout your life and you would succeed eventually.

Why Why analysis can clearly keep you motivated at the end of the day. It’s a life hack that can clearly boost you up even in the worst of times and something that can help you reach your goal with the broadest smile on your face.

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