Women are considered the most beautiful and exceptional greatest creation of god. She is considered life-giver,nourisher and a homemaker. She is not only the most empathetic being and a forgiver, nurturer, soul mate and a selfless lover but also a mother,sister,friend,girlfriend,soul mate,wife and a caretaker. Her finesse parallels her to perfection.
But then we have the darker side of the story. Just as every story has two aspects in which it is told and a coin has two sides, we have her vile side too. We often come across incidents where we notice a woman demeaning another woman. Of course, she is the best when it comes to taking support and deriving encouragement from but the evil side is yet an unknown territory.
A woman of substance will create her own niche, true ! But on her way will definitely frown,stare,pass sarcasm or puke vile for sure as the ‘Bitch’ side is the most dangerous side of a woman.
Well, why women demean or let down one another can have one or many of following reasons

1. When She is Jealous
Women have this tendency which is very common. A bigger ass, better job, bigger house, fine jewellery or even deeper neckline,anything can make her a big time “J’. Even if they are smart and talented themselves, jealousy-the green-eyed monster conjures them to hate the one in front of them. Arch rivalry makes “she” hate “she”. Jealousy is in our hormones, We own it !

2. Insecurity/Fear
One of the many reasons why a woman may hate or let down another woman is because of some insecurity. For example, at her workplace there arrives a woman who is equally charming,pretty and talented, whom she sees as a threat to her position or authority or her own space, she may definitely hate her for no reason. Trust me it’s very normal for us ! The hatred ranges from nonchalantly passing a funny remark, raising an eyebrow or calling names !

3. Resentment
It’s very hard to satisfy or make her come round to your opinion until and unless she herself agrees to agree to you ! Imagine the ghastly condition where two women are not on the same page !!! A dissatisfied or a non-convinced woman can be the most distasteful of a kind. So,a woman who doesn’t agree or fits in ideologies/opinions of another will definitely let her down in some way or the other.

4. Self-assurance
This sounds sadistic but is true. We often insult,let down,mock or jeer another female counterpart just to satisfy our own hurt ego. Some women find unexplained peace and confidence boost up by mocking or making fun of someone else whom they see as a threat to their established territory (like I said before) to reassure and comfort their strangulated self-esteem.

5. Maybe she’s just PMSing!
Alright, a stupid reason but she tends to get cranky and moody just by the hormonal surge. so next time you encounter a woman on the verge of war with another woman and getting heated up for no reason,maybe she’s going through that time of the month.

6. Or maybe she’s really pissed off
Not all of us are fond of “all” of our female friend circle. Dislike or non-compliance may be one of the reasons for verbal war amongst women.

Whatever our reasons may be, though we love to be bossy,bitchy,hysterical,bolshy and sassy we must not forget the true ethereal side of our personalities and to co-exist peacefully…
Ok..We can try at least !

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