Your first thought after reading the title would have been:

“You anti-national, traitor, Deshdrohi are a disgrace to the society. Respect your mother country or I will kill you because we are proud Indians and will send each one of you traitors to Pakistan! Jai Hind!”

And I really don’t blame you for it. We have all the reasons to respect India and honor it. We all love our country but we still are anti nationals. Let’s not keep you clueless. Oxford defines anti-national as a person who is opposed to national interests or nationalism. And everything slogan or criticism against India will be called  anti-national behavior, right?

Well, Sorry to break the ice, but no, that is not an anti-national behavior. Before jumping into that well, let’s first understand what India stands for.

  • India is a democratic country where power rests in the hands of people indirectly. They choose their government and have every right to question them. Basically, questioning the government’s motive or processes isn’t actually an anti-national behaviour.
  •  Another fruit that democracy gives us is the right to free speech act as stated in Article 19. However, there are two reasonable restrictions to it. Those are an incitement to violence and hate speech. So, if anyone is exercising these rights without restrictions, you can’t really call them an anti-national.
  • India is also a secular country as established in the constitution. That means, there is no place for Hinduism being the prime religion or promoting it by any measures. All religions are equal before the law.

Enough with laws and rights let’s talk about why we all are anti-national.

  • The perfect situation to start the case on with would be the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar at JNU. He was arrested by the police and had sedition charges imposed on him when there was no proof of him practising hate speech. Someone shouted the slogans, “India murdabad” and that’s highly condemned and police have every right to catch hold of that person and impose appropriate charges against him. But what was Kanhaiya Kumar actually doing? Take a look here and decide on your own.

But, no, you can’t criticise Hindutva forces trying to shove it in your face, YOU ARE AN ANTI-NATIONAL!

  • But not all of us are Kanhaiya, right? How could we possibly be anti-national? Let’s give this a thought for a second. Do you support gay rights and believe they should have equal representation in the society? Bam, there you are! YOU ARE AN ANTI-NATIONAL! This is against Indian culture and everything against it is anti-nationalism.
  • Are you a Hindu but still enjoy steaks of juice beef meat? Are you of any other religion and enjoy beef? Don’t be scared! You do like it right? There, you go! YOU ARE AN ANTI-NATIONAL!
  • Do you believe every government should be open to criticism and we should have the freedom to question government and its incentives? Damn! YOU ARE AN ANTI-NATIONAL! Everything the current government is doing is perfect. You cannot question it.
  • Do you think extremist forces like RSS shouldn’t have any role in making decisions and they SHOULD NOT have any role in handling laws? Do you think they should be the first to be imposed sedition charges on for all the hate speeches? Once again, YOU ARE AN ANTI-NATIONAL!
  • But, What about others? Others are following Hinduism, have never touched Beef in their life( even killed for it, bonus point for that), publicly abuses anyone who talks anything against te government? Should they be our role models, right? The true nationalists?

Well, Logically speaking, NO! Promoting and imposing your religion and its rules in a secular country is totally uncalled for. Abusing anyone is right to free speech( You are spared on this!), But hate speeches against any particular race should be charged with sedition, right? And these could be it. YOU ARE AN ANTI-NATIONAL!

All in all, We all are anti-nationals. Let’s go to Pakistan now!


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