We are always judged on how we talk, how we dress or how we walk. Although most of us wouldn’t like this context of judging or getting judged, we can never avoid it. That being said, wouldn’t it be fun to know the most common traits on which you get judged most often. Paying attention to these things may even help you evaluate if you will want to pursue an intimate relationship with this person or not.

1. Handwriting!

A study suggests that the way we write is the key to a lot of our personality traits. It is found out that people with small handwriting tend to be shy and limited to themselves while people who were more outgoing tried gaining attention with larger handwriting. People who take things seriously in their life tend to put more pressure on the pen while they write while light handed writers tend to be more empathetic and sensitive.


2. The color of your dress!

According to an article, the color of our clothestend to say a lot about your personality.

People who frequently choose black are sensitive, artistic and attentive to details, while those who love red live life to the fullest and proactive in their endeavors. People who love green are loyal and affectionate, while those who love white are organized and logical, and those who have blue as their favorite color are stable, sensitive and are considerate of others.

3. Do you bite your nails!

We all know about this as well. A person biting his nails is often considered to be tense and nervous but this research states that those who bite their nails often tend to be perfectionists and the tension of achieving their goal makes them bite their nail.


4. Your shoes!

According to leading psychologists, you can tell a lot about a person just by examining the cost, style, color and condition of the shoe including the person’s income, political affiliation, gender, and even age.


5. Your eyes!

We have heard a lot about eyes in countless Bollywood flicks. Eye is one such thing people generally look when they meet someone. A steady eye contact while talking to a person gives a clue that the person is confident and has high leadership qualities. A person who cannot maintain eye contact are often considered to be shy and reserved.


6. Punctuality!

You might have heard a lot about things like how reaching late for a meeting can give you an edge over others as you are able to capture their mind. It’s partially true. But getting late to a meeting creates a negative impact on who you are. While being early for an appointment makes other feel that you are considerate about other people’s time and you are mentally organized and self-motivated.


7. Handshake!

Your handshake leaks a lot of your personality traits according to leading researchers. People with a strong handshake exude confidence and reflect a strong and confident character. Such people are also more likely to be extroverted, and more expressive of their emotions. People with weak handshakes are found to be less confident and introverted. More details about various handshakes can be found here.




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