“What an utter crap!”

These might be the words in your mouth right now. You possibly have a perception of being an independent man/woman and always take your own decisions. You listen to what everyone has to offer but always take your own decisions. “Of course, I am not brainwashed”. Well, I have some news for you: YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED! You still wouldn’t believe me. And how could you? You might think it’s my attempt at brainwashing you to believe that you are brainwashed. But you shouldn’t worry about it at all. Follow me and I will explain to you how it works.

Do you remember your childhood years? Or have you at least spent some time with kids? You would know that kids have this behaviour of rebelling anything you say. You ask them to do a couple of things and they would say “NO” to all. They don’t like to be told what to do and what not to do. Although after repetitive instructions and a reward/punishment system, we finally learn how to control them. This is the most primary example of brainwashing. If not for it, we would be running around naked, doing whatever we want, or basically acting like animals. There would be no rules and, of course, no . See! Brainwashing isn’t that bad either.

Now that you have started to get a sense of how it works, Let’s talk about how deep we are in this business. Let me ask you a few simple questions. What’s your religion? What’s your nationality? Who is your role model? Would you do anything to defend your religion/nation/role model? The answer to these questions would tell you how much brainwashed you are. You are born in a particular family in a particular country in a particular religion and choose your role model according to the environment you grow up in. These facts are then constantly fed in our minds. You are being “brainstormed” or “brainwashed” to be precise. Can you kill/die for your religion or nation? Why? Just because you are told so? Well, I am not saying being loyal to your nation is a bad thing, we should all be since it provides us with all the resources to survive. But the basic instinct of getting killed or kill someone can only come when you are being brainwashed( knowing the primary human instinct is to survive)

How does it really work?

Brainwashing has three basic elements. First you need to limit the information available on the subject( and it’s the easiest one since we all are both genius and stupid at the same time). Secondly, you need to have a controlled behavior towards the subject and third is by stressing enough on the subject. Let’s understand these by our daily life examples.

  • To understand the first element, imagine the time when your mom told you not to play with that particular kid because he was not a good influence. Or the simplest of them all, your mom asking you to believe only in God of your religion. You hardly have any knowledge on the subject and your mom brainwashed you in believing her words to be true.
  • The second element can be understood by things we are most accustomed to. Remember when your mom told you not to eat with your mouth open? or the time when you were told to play video games only for that particular period? This is controlled behaviour and this is how we make the subject follow one course.
  • The third element is also a pretty common one. “Stop talking to other girls, or I will break up with you”, “Stop drinking or I will divorce you”, “Start praying or you will end up in Hell” These are the saying you might have heard countless times in all these years. This is how you stress on one particular subject and brainwash anyone.

But Is there any way out of it?

To be frank, there isn’t and you don’t have to be sad about it at all. Brainwashing isn’t that bad as it sounds. If it wasn’t for brainwashing, there would be no society or friends or culture. It has developed numerous ideologies and principles too. But, the problem starts when you are brainwashed without knowing that you are. That is in fact a dangerous island where you are restricted by your thoughts. Once you accept the fact that your judgement and decisions are not only yours, you would end up making even better decisions. That’s how it works. Accept the reality and keep walking ahead.


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