Children in one of the Greece’s refugee camps have written this message of sorrow and empathy for everyone who were affected by the Brussels attack. They had it written all over their bodies and on cardboard placards.

Sorry for Brussels!

But you don’t have to be sorry. You have suffered more than anyone else in this world. When the war that seemed far off and inconsequential was started, you had to suffer the most. It was for the personal interest of some countries that the war started and so did the ever longing hatred. It was the political parties that leeched on fake stories and ideologies and convinced us that the root of every problem lied in your yard and not ours.

In none of these incidents, we were sorry. We were the ones that boasted the armed forces of carrying out murderous operations when we clearly knew you were not at fault. You don’t have to sorry now.

We are sorry that you had to understand, at your age, the profoundly unfair world that comes when countries like America  founded on principles of universal justice and freedom, believe that those ideals only apply to themselves.


The US role in supporting the ISIS is not an unknown tale, but apparently in the United States of America, it still is. We were not sorry when we blamed the refugees for all the atrocities caused despite knowing that the root of the problem came from us. We have always brought the story that the government fed us. We have clapped and cherished every time a drone bombed and killed countless men. We respected the chaos and drama caused by our countries for their own political gain and we didn’t even think about the chaos spread in your life for eternity. You don’t need to be sorry for it.


We are sorry for not being able to give you a peaceful place to live in. We are sorry for kicking you out of your own country and labeling you as terrorists. We are sorry for believing in the fake propaganda of wars and accepting it to be the only solution.

The only sustainable world is a connected and peaceful world. No matter how we idolize the fight against terrorism, tragedies will always make us turn inward, we would just be protecting our self-made illusions.

The people of the world owe it to you, and to everyone who has suffered from violence in Syria and Iraq and Brussels and Paris and Istanbul and beyond, to destroy those illusions and come together for the future. If we are half as selfless and brave as you are, we know we can.

We know that harm has already been done and it can never be reverted back. But we should not underestimate the power of “us”. The sooner we realize, these people are not at fault and it’s the political agencies playing trick games, sooner we can pave the way for a better society.

Till then, Here is a list of charities helping refugees. Your small amount makes a difference too.

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