It’s quite easy to say life is a mixture of success and failures. We win some and we lose some. In fact, you can recall saying this to many of your friends when they were down. But when it comes to ourselves, why do we always fail to implement it? Why is it always easier said than done?

Before we get to the reasoning, let’s just address the issue. You have failed miserably and you have no idea what to do now.

First of all, Congratulations, You failed! You are still better than 95% of the people who didn’t even try doing anything new. Failing is an indication that you at least tried. Do you feel better now?

Great, But I have always talked about living a life where you are only competing with yourself and not anyone else. People winning or losing should not affect your life in any manner. You should only care about how far you have moved and the fact that you failed indicates you did move forward and anything in that direction is positive. Also, the 95% fact was made up, so start feeling better about yourself.

Let’s just jump on to what should you do now!

When you fail, Do Why-Why Analysis:

This should always be the first step. There are times when we feel we did our best and still failed. This is particularly the time when you should realize that you didn’t. You failed for a reason and you need to find that reason. Why-Why Analysis should come handy in a situation like this. Keep reasoning with yourself as to why you failed and be utterly honest here. There are various subtle lies we keep telling ourselves, make a habit of avoiding these to give a rational approach to your thinking process.

When you fail, Ask for help:

Most often, It’s just our ego that harms us the most and in times of failure, it haunts us even more. We tend to hide ourselves in a shell because we are ashamed of being called a loser. You have to fight against that inclination towards solitude when you’re in the throes of failure. Why? Because we all fail. There is nothing alien happening to you. Embrace your failure and talk to more people about it. There are very high chances you failed because of lack of perspective.  Reaching out to your network and saying that you need to spend some time with them is important. A new perspective can most definitely give you better ideas and ways to succeed.

When you fail, Stop overthinking:

When we fail to achieve something, our immediate step is to think, “What are we gonna do now?“. We overthink about our options, our failures, and that makes us anxious about our future. We feel as if we don’t have any other place to go. We feel helpless. But we really aren’t. Master the art of overthinking to your advantage and let success flow in your direction. You are doing great. You might have failed once or twice or thrice. Don’t panic about it. You would find a way soon, and your future is definitely not bleak. You are going to shine, so keep that self-belief inside you and work for it.

When you fail, Get up and Fight back:

If you let it keep you down, you’ll always stay down. Get up and fight all your troubles like a winner. Now that you have discovered another wrong way, you are one step closer to finding the right path. Keep doing it till you succeed. Life will give you thousand chances and you are eventually going to do great in life only if you know how to fight your problems out. Don’t let any small failure get you down.

Always remember, Our life is more about failures than successes.

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