Come Independence week, the internet and the market are flooded with patriotism influencing content. For most of the internet savvy part of the Indian populace, social networks + e-commerce sums up the entirety of its reach, unless it is exam time or porn time. But that doesn’t change the fact that each one of them CAN access any information that is open on the internet if they want to, even if it is KRK’s movie reviews or Justin Beiber music videos. Two minutes of silence for those who do.

Yet, on the eve of our 69th Independence Day, our freedom on the internet is about to fucked all over again (Pun intended totally). TRAI seems to be intent on sneaking telcos past the opinion of India and its people, right into the hallowed halls of corporate license Raj. For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, Airtel Zero and Facebook’s are trying to bottle up a bunch of services and apps and offer them for free. They are saying that this is to provide internet access to EVERYONE. The real definition of net neutrality encompasses both EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

How does that affect you and me? Imagine your greengrocer selling vegetables as usual. Now one day, he starts selling potatoes for free. Now, you don’t particularly need potatoes. But since you are getting them for free, you will start taking more of them back home. Soon, all you’ll be eating are Alu dum, Alu pakora, alu sabzi etc. And before you know, you will be too accustomed to potato, regardless of the price, and no other vegetable will sell as much in the market. This will lead to the potato sellers’ monopoly over the vegetable market. Voila, Vegetarian Nightmare!

Only in this case, a different diet of yours is at risk. And it is up to you to change it. How? Here are the steps. And you have less than 24 hours to do them. That’s right. TRAI decides tomorrow.

Step1. Open
Step2. Register new account with email id and phone number. Receive OTP on email id and phone
Step3. Login to (You will need to use another OTP to do so, preferably through email since you are already online)
Step4. Click on (Would have been different but the original discussion is untraceable normally through Talk about desperate measures!)
Step5. Leave a comment that you want the REAL net neutrality. Not an altered version proposed by telcos.

Here is the video from AIB that has already generated 10k+ comments on the discussion

You made it happen last time. TRAI made a mockery of that. Then they banned porn. And now this. Isn’t it about time that we make a stand and show them that we are not here to be turned over and kicked in the back?

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