Nothing great ever comes without effort. We have goals, and we all try our best to achieve those. Some work harder than others. But in the end, only a few succeed. What makes the difference?

We all claim to have worked our hearts out and we all expect good results. We all wait for overnight success hoping our fortunes turn around in a day or two but there is one thing that differentiates a winner and a common man. It is their persistence to not give up anywhere in the middle that makes them a winner.

And unlike what you think, it was not a one-way road for them either. They too felt low. They too felt like quitting. In fact, each one of us does. Sooner or later, We all want to throw away the towel and just walk away.

You would always want to quit. You would always feel like giving up. You are not perfect.

And that’s a perfectly normal thing to do. We all worry and obsess over our dreams and things we care about. In fact, your fear and obsession are a proof of how badly you want to get it right. Wanting to quit is an incredibly human reaction, and it means you’re still in touch with the most vulnerable parts of yourself, the parts that feel anxious and frustrated, and tired.

Wanting to quit doesn’t make you a bad person, and it doesn’t make you special. When you wake up in the morning, and you think about how running your startup, or you think about writing, it’s okay to wish you could just drop the ball. – Jon Westenberg

It’s Human Psychology!

We always have a notion that we would be happy once we achieve our goal. But once you are there, you know how the struggle gave you more happiness than the end result. Completion of one goal only leads you to another path with a bigger goal in mind.There is no such thing as self-containment. Achieving a number of things or reaching the point we had our sight doesn’t stop us. We all want to grow and develop continuously. That comes with persistence and a fixed eye towards the goal.

But that’s just looking at the bigger picture. I would be lying if I said I have never felt the urge to quit. And that’s not just me. If we try to analyse what we really want, We always have that little part of ourselves that insists you on quitting and walking away. Honest conversations with yourself would spill out that secret.


You are not alone. Every entrepreneur, businessman, writer or painter has felt the urge to quit. But what made them great was the ability to overcome that negativity. It’s okay if you feel skeptical about what you are doing or you feel like quitting right here right now. Emotions and thinking abilities are what makes us different from other primitive beings.

You have been there before!

Can you remember the phase where you knew nothing and hoped so desperately to be in the position right now you are in? This seemed like a distant dream for you back then. Look at you now. You are here right now and aiming to get bigger and better. The dream you feel difficult to attain right now, would be a walk in the park once you have achieved it. Nothing good comes without pain and struggles.

It’s how we anticipate the pain that matters. We are always susceptible to all kinds of thought, be it positive or negative. But not letting negative thoughts overrule your positivity is your choice. A bit of fear is, in fact, necessary to propel you towards your dream.

Your willingness to quit at any point of time doesn’t make you a coward. It makes you alive. Not choosing to address that problem makes you a winner and this is the only thing you should be focused on.


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