Life is not always a comfortable ride, everybody has got the scars they hide and everybody plays a fool sometimes, so just be as you are”.
– Mike Posner

Shalom folks!

Did you discern your inner fortitude since the time when you felt shattered, wrecked and trapped within self till date?

Breathe In.

It’s an end to another year and summing it up into those fragments of being cheerful, joyous,delighted, gratified and then to the storms of being depressed, discouraged and dissatisfied.

Having a glance to all that what has elapsed, Look my dear Look.


You’ve endured all those happy- sad juncture of life. You are still breathing, still standing and STILL LIVING.

Beyond any doubt. You are a Spartan. You have stoutly endured over 366 days of this year and you have splendidly LEFT the past and LIVED.

So a pat on your back for being YOU.  The REAL, BEAUTIFUL and VALOROUS YOU.            

  A pat on your back for not letting the Satan in your head tyrannize you and your Vicinity.

You are a vigorous soul and muse to self and you will never let your Ecstasy smash ever.            Because you are meant to be YOU.

The real YOU and not the mannequin of any of their’s gimmick.                                                        You are a tenacious being and will everlastingly be.

And with the passing hours, all of us accept the coming year with all the heroism of our life and resolute that we’d never let ourselves psyched out. No matter which tide life brings for us.


 ” Let those ebb and flows of life hit US,

Hit us harder,  

We stand Obdurate, 

 because we have learnt to stay.

 Learnt to open our gates to let the sunlight peep in as sanguine rays.

We have mastered to Breath,    

 and be our own Peace,   

 because we are now


Peace In

AU REVOIR 20sixteen.

Nous sommes prêts 20seventeen.


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