We all know someone who says they are stuck in a job or in a relationship or literally anywhere. And for some reason, they feel obliged to stay engaged with that activity even though they are fully aware of the fact that it makes them unhappy.

A similar kind of thing happened with me and my friend Andrew. Andrew was working for an IT firm and this job was not the one he wanted. He wanted to be a musician and the fact that he could not be one left him distressed. Each night he used to come grumpy and complain about how much he hates his job.

I asked him one day, ”

Me: “You always complain about how your job sucks, why don’t you just quit it?

Andrew: “I can’t quit. How will I get another job?

Me: “There are plenty of jobs everywhere. You just have to look.

Andrew: “But the chances of me getting a job like this is pretty less. They pay me really well.”

Me: “But you only said your job sucks. So you are staying in this job just because of fear?”

Andrew: “What? No! I don’t fear anything.

Me: “Close your eyes and think about what you really want. Do you want to do this job for the rest for your life? Would this keep you happy? What can you imagine doing that makes you happy?

He went on to talk about his love for music and how we wanted to be a top notch musician one day. The only thing stopping him and his dream were fear. And it’s not just him. We all have this fear somewhere hidden inside us. When people talk about their life being stuck at one place, the only question that comes to mind is, “Who stuck you?”

Because really, you are never really stuck. You have the option of quitting the job that makes you unhappy. You can clearly opt out of a relationship if it sucks the energy out of you. No one is stopping you other than fear. Stop giving fear the authority to rule your life. Don’t let it come between you and your dreams.

Yes, the uncertainty of getting a new job keeps you stuck to your older routine and that ruins most part of your motivation. But we need to understand that you are not literally stuck there. You have the freedom to move and look for new things. Try the job you always wanted to do. It may be a bit difficult in the beginning but isn’t this driving your soul. And any job done with soul is bound to give amazing results.

Yes, there would be people who would question you and try to tell you about how life is hard and how you should not take any risks. But why bother listening to them? You cannot listen to everybody and you certainly cannot do what everyone thinks is right for you. The standard of the world is of the standard people, the ordinary ones who are just living their life. But you have a dream. And you should take any measures to make sure your dream is being lived. Go ahead, pursue what you really want and live a life that you have always wanted to live.

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