In a span of 30 days, we really have been through some times. A series of Earthquake jolted Nepal and some parts of India leading to large scale destruction and loss of many life as well. And what did we do about this? Barring some, most of the People including the biggest celebrities of India prayed for it. Isn’t that great? We prayed to God and our God is going to help them in this hour of trouble and pain. But Wait a second! Haven’t We been praying to God all along? Has it ever changed anything? No, Right!

It means the probability of your prayers helping them is an absolute zero. Here is a thought. How about we stop doing something which has been useless for the past many years and start doing something that might actually help the needy. It doesn’t matter how much you donate or how much you help them, every penny adds up to the cause and works for their upliftment.  What did most of the Bollywood Stars do about it? We all know Bollywood to be full of glamour and rich people. Let’s see how they helped the Earthquake affected people in Nepal.

This is not it. There were many others in Bollywood lined up to help the affected people in Nepal by tweeting about it and praying for their safety. If this was not shameful enough, many ambassadors of religion started to tow in to help those people by sending Bible. How is Bible going to help them? Will it be used to wipe their tears because prayers don’t seem to work for them considering the amount of loss they faced.

Another shocker was when a series of Websites started to plunge it providing list of prayers to be done. According to the site, if you recite that series of prayers, all your pain will be gone and the supreme God will help you. But did he? There have been a series of earthquakes after that too. I think they might have prayed wrong.

In this hour of pain and chaos, if you want to brand your religion, you truly cannot be called the ambassadors of it. All they need is help and none of your prayers would do anything about it. I am not targeting your religion but every religion teaches us peace and to help others. It never asks you to promote itself and if it does, you really need to start questioning it.

There are many religions today but one religion which is actually needed is Humanity. Sadly, we have forgotten the prime ingredient of every religion and are in a race to promote ours. None of your prayers are helpful unless you actually do justice to it. If you still wish to pray for them, do it but always remember that in this hour, they need nothing except your aid. If you have resources and if you are capable of helping them, please do it.


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